• Mimi’s Highlights: New Video!

    Motherhood, Video

    Little Mimi has been one of the funniest and naughtiest 2-year-olds we’ve ever had! I think I would’ve pulled my hair out if she had been my second or third child,…

  • A Handmade Staple


    Happy Monday, my friends!  Today I get to show you one of my very favorite sewing projects of all time: the knit pencil skirt!  I happen (to think I) look good…

  • Mom Friends

    Motherhood, Parenting, Real Life Fashion

    Are you taking time out of the chaos of motherhood for yourself? Here’s why time with friends should be considered an investment in yourself! Alright mamas, quick poll: when’s the last…

  • Skin Cancer: The Before

    Life, Video

    I’ve been sharing a bit about my skin cancer diagnosis and treatment plan on Instagram recently and so I made this video to explain the process of how I found my…

  • Polka Dot Culotte Jumpsuit

    Sewing, Tutorial

    Jumpsuits are still going strong this season and culotte versions are popping up everywhere! Try your hand at making an easy one with this DIY project. I am mildly obsessed with…

  • Wrap Tie T-Shirt DIY

    Tutorial, Video

     The wrap style is right on trend: make your own wrap top with this easy peasy sewing refashion. All you need is two T-shirts and a couple of seams. Hey all!…

  • Let It Go

    Motherhood, Parenting

    Balancing control in motherhood is never easy. Read on for tips about letting go of the unimportant! I’d always considered myself to be a pretty easy going person, until I had…

  • Americana Style

    Real Life Fashion

    Outfit details in the widget below || Lip liner || Lipstick  I know, I know…the 4th of July is long gone but I still love dressing in classic red, white and…