A Few of My Favorite Things for Busy Moms

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I’ve found that as a busy mom, I really appreciate a handful of tried and true products that make my life easier and prettier with very little effort. I’m sharing a few of them with you today in hopes they can also help lighten your load and bring a smile to your full day.

Or maybe just put a couple of them on a wishlist for yourself this holiday season!

Clothes and accessories

This knit jumpsuit has been a trending for a while now but I just bought two of them this year and they are WORTH the hype! So cozy, comfy and ridiculously cute on just about every body type (note: size down a full size unless you want to drown in it). I want every single color.

I bought some super simple gold earrings from Madewell earlier this year and wear them literally every day. Mine aren’t available anymore but these are very similar and beautiful! They also come in silver.

My sister turned me on to Bombas socks recently and wow. I had no idea I could actually love wearing socks! (Desert dwellers like me prefer to spend 75% of the year barefoot). I especially love their colorful prints. Use this link to get 25% off your first order!

I grabbed a simple belt bag (ahem, fanny pack) from Lululemon earlier this year and had no idea how much I’d wear it (across the body like the hip young kids). It’s so easy to grab when walking out the door and perfectly holds my phone, cards, lip gloss and keys. They’re sold out online but this dupe on Amazon looks just as awesome and is a fraction of the price.

On those days when I need to look cute but don’t have time to do my hair, I throw it up in one of these cute gold clips. This package comes with 6 of them, they’re really sturdy and make an updo look 10x fancier than a messy bun.

I searched and searched for the perfect slip-on shoe that was WARM for the winter months and last year I found them! They take no time to put on and make you look super stylish and put together. Plus, the fur inside feels like wearing slippers. Mine are sold out but these are very similar and come from a great quality brand.

I have a stack of these beaded bracelets made by a local mom here in Arizona and LOVE them! I wear a couple of mine every single day. Easy and durable jewelry is every mom’s dream, plus you’re supporting a cool mama-made small business.

Food and Kitchen

As a mom of a big family, I started avoiding any recipe that called for using a blender because I had to do two batches. Plus, we use our blender so often, the jar is often dirty from some teen’s protein shake right when I need to use it. I finally caved and bought a second Blendtec jar and holy cow – gamechanger!
Note: If you don’t have the Smartloc Lid yet, grab one of those too. So much better.

I have tried a gazillion meal planning apps, spreadsheets and all. the. things. Every family’s needs are so different but right now, the eMeals app is working fantastically for us. Great, easy, healthy meals with grocery lists included and it even syncs with local grocery delivery or pickup. So fab.

Have you ever tried powdered eggs? I know, they sound gross. But they have been a staple in my pantry for close to a decade and I use them all the time! Admittedly, we don’t make them plain for breakfast, but I’m always surprised how often I run out of eggs when baking (even with chickens running around).

We have a podcast superfan who once sent us a Christmas gift of these Chuao chocolates after she heard Audrey mention loving them on the show. They are phenomenal and make a fun and delicious gift for any foodie (or just for myself).

I grabbed a chip and dip serving tray like this one a couple years ago on a whim and had no idea how often I would use it! It’s great for tortilla chips with salsa or guac, potato chips with sour cream dip, apples with caramel, and on and on. Basically put any side or treat combo in it and become the coolest hostess.

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