• Old House Tour!

    Life, Parenting, Video

    I’ve got a house tour up for you guys today…of our old house! It’s a quick and dirty look of how we fit 8 kids into a 4 bedroom, average sized…

  • Sewing Spring Dresses


    Whipping up a few warm weather dresses is the perfect welcome to a long overdue spring! These two dress patterns (one for girls and one for women) are surefire beginner favorites…

  • Find your own personal style

    Real Life Fashion

    Have you ever wondered what your personal style is and what it says about you? If you’re uninspired by your closet and dread getting dressed every day, it might just be…

  • Sew Cropped Pants


    Warm weather is here and the BEST way to keep yourself cool, covered and classy this year is to sew cropped pants! If you’re always looking for something that breathes, while…

  • Overcoming our fear of failure

    Faith, Life

    Failure can be hard, scary and even just the thought of it can create stress and anxiety. Overcoming the fear of failure can seem daunting but it’s all within our own…

  • Running Errands with Kids

    Motherhood, Parenting

    Being a parent and running a household with small children underfoot can be really overwhelming, especially when you can’t leave the house alone! Running errands with kids can seem impossible, so…

  • Crops for Spring

    Real Life Fashion

    Warm weather fashion doesn’t have to always mean shorts and skirts. Breezy cropped pants are the dressed up version of shorts and keep you just as cool! Pair them with cute…

  • My YouTube Channel

    Motherhood, Parenting, Video

    YouTube is not just for teenagers anymore! I’m introducing you to my channel today to give you a resource for all things inspiring: motherhood tips, style and fashion advice and sewing…