Who is the Creator of Your Life?


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I talk a lot about creating here on the blog and on social media, especially as it applies to us women. As biological mothers, we literally create human life (so cool!) and many of us have the desire to create beautiful and cozy homes, make delicious meals, develop amazing relationships, build impactful careers and so much more.

The power to create whatever life we want is an intriguing concept, but not one that is widely believed. Too many people fall prey to the assumption that our circumstances are what largely define us. If we believe that the things outside of us (our family, friends, upbringing, financial status or education) are what make us who we are, then it’s easy to blame these things when our lives don’t turn out as we want.

Taking ownership of our lives is a thousand times more empowering and rewarding than blaming our circumstances, with one crucial caveat: taking ownership requires work.

Most of us are taught as children that in order to take ownership of our lives, we have to perform certain actions. We have to go to school, get a good job, marry a lovely person, etc. But if/when these actions don’t yield the results we’re looking for (our education isn’t what we expect, the job doesn’t pan out, our spouse is unfaithful, etc) then we’re stuck. We often become bitter and resentful because we “did everything right” and yet we’re still left with a life we don’t want or think we deserve.

The truth of the matter is, our actions can only get us so far.
Becoming the creator of your life will only happen when you begin with your THOUGHTS.

Our thoughts are simply the stories we tell ourselves and they make up (what we think is) the truth of our lives. But these stories are not necessarily true. They are formed by years of experiences, both good and bad, and many of them are developed before we’re old enough to realize how ridiculous they are.

Sometimes we adopt thoughts that serve us really well (“I’ve always been a hard worker”) and some that serve us not so well (“I only perform well under pressure”).

The fact is, we can change these stories. I first learned this concept from the book As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen, which is almost 120 years old, but as true today as it was when written. Reading this book as a teenager completely changed me. It opened my eyes to the possibility that I had the ultimate control over my life, regardless of my circumstances.

Life coaching is the practical application of this concept and allows us to become compassionate observers of our brains. It helps us puzzle out stories from facts and understand which of these stories we want to keep and which we want to flush down the metaphorical toilet.

I often tell my children that I only want two things for them in life:
1. To help them understand how to have a personal relationship with God and
2. To help them understand that they alone are responsible for their own happiness.

I want the same for you, my friend! Please understand that even while managing our own minds, we won’t be immune to the circumstances around us. We will still get heartbroken and frustrated and bogged down by the actions of others and things we can’t control, but difference is that we don’t have to allow these circumstances to define us.

Want a peek into how this works? I’d love to show you.
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