2022 Wiscombe Family Highlights


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We’re so grateful for another year of health, happiness and the chaos of raising 10 kids.
Here are a handful of highlights from our year!

• I made it through an entire calendar year without being pregnant! First time since…before we were married 🙂 We’re so grateful for baby Brynn, the most adorable little caboose we could ask for.

• Our household now consists of 1 driver, 3 dancers, 2 soccer players, 1 preschooler, 5 piano players, 8 homeschoolers, 3 cats, 26 chickens and a partridge in a pear tree (kidding on the partridge but Luke did plant dozens of fruit trees on our property this year. He’s hoping this growing orchard will eventually offset our ever-rising grocery costs).

• Luke continues work at Music Celebrations with his dad and brother. They’ve had a phenomenal year which is something we’ll never take for granted again after the Covid travel ban!

• I continue coming up with more business ideas than hours in a day. This year I launched my first original product idea (manufactured in China and now for sale on Amazon), my first original clothing product (manufactured here in Arizona and for sale at Novalie) and am now working on becoming a certified life coach.

• We tragically lost our nephew to a car accident in May of this year. Harry Clifton was only 14 years old and we are heartbroken at the thought of life without him. If you have room in your prayers this holiday season, please pray for his family as they face the first Christmas without their sweet boy. We know that thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ, we’ll get to see Harry again someday.

• This season is a bittersweet and poignant time as we realize that it will probably be the last Christmas with our entire family together for a while. Liam turns 18 next summer and plans to flee the coop soon thereafter.

After many years of wrangling babies, sleepless nights, and being overwhelmed by little ones, we’re delighted (and just the tiniest bit sad) to be moving on to a new chapter of life.

We wish you the most wonderful celebration of Christ’s life, and a beautiful start to the New Year!

All our love,

The Wiscombes

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