How to create joy in any circumstance


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I’m pretty passionate about the fulfillment and joy that can come through building a business and putting goodness out into the world.

However, as a life coach, I understand that the true cause of anyone’s fulfillment and joy comes from the thoughts they think about a scenario, and not the scenario itself.

Isn’t that a crazy, amazing, powerful thought? Can you embrace the idea that we don’t need anything but thoughts to create incredible joy?

The capacity for joy is inside us

We have proof of this truth everywhere. For example, the millionaire celebrities that turn to drugs or alcohol to mask their misery or the concentration camp victims who found happiness even amidst the worst of human suffering.

The reality is, blaming our circumstances for our unhappiness is WAY easier than taking a look inside.

We often blame our negative emotions on the weather, our naughty kids, that unhelpful spouse or the neighbor whose dog barks all night. This is the easy way out, my friend, but it will not bring us satisfaction in the long run.

What if we allowed ourselves to find happiness in spite of the excuses? What if we could find joy on the days we don’t exercise, or when our kids are fighting, or when we get sick, or when we have to work overtime?

What if??

A life full of joy is not immune to suffering. There will still be sadness, anger, frustration and other negative emotions. None of us is able to escape the ups and downs of life.

But making joy our default can be as easy as flipping a switch, I promise.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Christmas weekend as you remember our Savior who lived, suffered and died that we might have JOY.

I love you, friends! Thanks so much for being here.


If you’d like to learn more about discovering this process, I’d love to help. You can sign up for a free coaching call with me here (seriously, zero pressure). This is my favorite work and I always consider it a true privilege.

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