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Our youngest, little Brynn, has struggled with some developmental milestones including walking, talking and feeding herself. Most of it comes from the result of having so many big brothers and sisters that you never have to do anything for yourself – lucky girl!

Recently, I mentioned to her therapist that Brynn has been acting fussier and crying more than usual, and surprisingly, the therapist told me that increased fussiness is actually a good sign of things to come.

She said that a baby who is discontent is one who is more motivated to get what she wants, including working harder than usual towards developmental milestones.

Say what??

I immediately thought of the discontent (and even crankiness, dare-I-say?) that I often experienced before becoming a business owner. Feeling bored, stuck or frustrated with what my life looks like has often been the impetus to searching for the purpose I’m missing.

Have you been experiencing any frustration or a lack of fulfillment lately? My favorite way to describe this feeling is diving discontent. I believe that this type of restlessness is not a bad thing, but often just a little nudge from God telling you that it’s time for something more.

Divine Discontent

This discontent can show up during a period of life when you suddenly have more free time (like after sending your youngest kid to kindergarten), when you see others around you accomplishing big things (maybe your sister goes back to college) or you’ve recently reached a big milestone (turned 40 or attended a 20 year school reunion, for example).

These things make us stop and pause for a second, reflecting on our life and asking ourselves, “Is this what I really want?”

Sometimes these types of reflection can cause some discomfort. Our minds don’t particulary love change or the unknown! Most of us like to stay safe and cozy inside the life that is the most familiar to us.

But familiar doesn’t always mean good. Familiarity can often be a huge stumbling block to living our best lives. Being willing to let go of what is familiar, comfortable and easy is usually the first step to embracing what’s coming next.

What now?

Ok, you’re thinking, then what’s next? How do I push through this divine discontent to embrace the next phase of my life?

Here are the steps I recomment to prepare yourself for stepping into what God has in store for you:

  1. Stop, ask, and listen: You’ve got to get real about what it is you’re dissatisfied with and where you’d like to see change. Take some time to think and journal about your life and what it is you think is missing.

    It’s OK if you’re not sure. Just get really honest with yourself about what it is you’d LIKE for your life. Pay attention to thoughts that you might be uncomfortable sharing and get really honest with yourself. There are no wrong answers here – it’s just time to explore!
  2. Find proof of your talents: It’s so easy for us to come up with our faults; we could list them all day long if we wanted to. Women in particular tend to be great at emphasizing our weaknesses and ignoring our strengths (what is up with that, anyway??). But if you’re ready to create the life of your dreams, then it’s time to stop playing small.

    Make a list of all the things you think you’re good at, what others have told you you’re good at and what you’d like to be good at. And then start finding proof that you’re right.
  3. Try something new: Here’s the truth – none of us know what we want to be when we grow up. And frankly, that’s the wrong question to ask anyway. Our lives are constantly morphing, evolving and improving. Why would we want to “become” a certain thing and then just stop growing? At this point, it’s just time to try something (anything!) that sounds exciting.

    Have you always loved the violin? Sign up for lessons. Are you obsessed with healthy desserts? Take a cooking class or invite some friends over to bake with you. Secretly fascinated with how cars work? Watch some YouTube videos and change your own oil. There are NO rules about becoming the best version of yourself. Just pick something, try it out and go with your gut. Have fun. Be excited and get ready to pivot if necessary.

    You’re gonna love this!
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