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The postpartum period is a wonderful but often overwhelming time adjusting to life with your new baby! Finding the perfect pajamas or lounge wear is my favorite way to stay comfortable when cuddling and nursing a sweet little one. Read on for tips on what to wear postpartum!

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I LOVE the first few weeks after having a baby, but I didn’t always! After my first couple babies, it took a long time to adjust to my postpartum body, the needs of a newborn and my new crazy emotions.

But now that I’ve gone through this period 7 times (the twins gave me a pretty sweet two-for-one deal), I’m much more able to appreciate this intense but short-lived time period. I know that my body and emotions will be a little strange for a while and that sleep will be minimal, but I’ve learned to love it!

Having comfortable loungewear to spend my new baby days in is SO important and can make all the difference in your enjoyment of this special time. If you’re expecting your first baby, you might be wondering just what will give your new postpartum body the perfect fit (and allow easy nursing access).

Essentially you want something that is crazy comfortable, fits your new amazing body well, supports your extra weight and covers you enough to allow visitors to come see you and baby without you worrying about flashing anyone. There are a wide variety of styles depending on your preference and body type.

I’ve listed some of my favorite styles and features of the best pajamas below!

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Lounge Dresses

A big, flowy lounge dress made of soft material is hands-down one of my favorite ways to dress when cuddling a new baby. These are especially great for the warmer months when you’re already hot with a baby laying on you (or you get some of those crazy hormonal hot flashes).

Just be sure to grab one with super stretchy fabric around the neckline or a snap or button placket if you need one; this style is the best nursing nightgown! I wear these during my pregnancies as well; all the features listed here make it the best option for a maternity nightgown when your growing belly can no longer fit into any normal pajama pants.

Dwell & Slumber is known for these but here are some other more affordable options from Amazon.

You can even make your own with my free Mara dress pattern. The one I made for myself has literally been the best postpartum nightgown in the world. Soft nightgowns are a great option for a hospital stay as well. Something with a loose fit, short sleeves, soft fabric and elastic neckline will make an excellent delivery gown. It just might be a good idea to bring a second one to change into if you plan to give birth in it because birth can be messy!

Pajama Sets

A traditional two-piece pajama set is GREAT for postpartum days and weeks because it’s a cute matching set and is simple to nurse in. I think the ones with a button front are the best nursing pajamas but because they’re separates, you can also just pull up the top for easy access to feed your baby.

I prefer long pants so that I don’t have to worry about shaving my legs when people come over (#reallife) but for those of us living in warmer weather, you might want to forego the long sleeves. I had WAY too many babies in the summer months and hate being hot when trying to give my baby skin-to-skin contact!

Don’t forget to size up at least once from your pre-pregnancy size and get an elastic waistband so they’re nice and roomy! I also try to look for a wide waistband to tuck in some of my tummy. It can be very uncomfortable to have your postpartum belly unsupported right after birth, especially for you c-section mamas out there.

There’s nothing more demoralizing than trying to squeeze your voluptuous post-baby body into too-tight pjs. Basically whatever you think are the best maternity pajamas will also be the best postpartum pajamas.

One set I own is made of a stretchy knit and is from Soma. They are SO comfy and a great choice for maternity sleepwear as well! Check out more of their knit pajama prints here.

The pair I’m wearing above is sold out but I just love the bright print. Here are some more cute ones, also from J Crew Factory.

This knit set from Amazon looks amazingly comfortable and a little bit less like pajamas, plus they come in a ton of colors.

Best Sleep Bra

I also HAVE to mention my most favorite sleep nursing bra that has saved my life over and over after having my babies. These stretchy knit crossover bras are the perfect solution for sleeping after birth (and if you don’t think you need a bra for sleeping, then you might just be missing out).

These bras support extra large, sore, leaky breasts; keep nursing pads in place and feel almost like you’re wearing nothing (which is the whole point). A good sleep bra has a relaxed fit, holds your breasts in the right place, makes it easy to nurse in the middle of the night, gives you good coverage and comes in breathable fabrics.

They are a crazy important thing for all postpartum moms to allow easy breastfeeding access and to keep you comfortable. I wear them all the time for the first early weeks of new-mom life and couldn’t live without them (just like those glorious mesh underwear)! Here’s another brand from Target that looks like comfortable material.

Do you have favorite comfy pajamas for after baby? The best loungewear really can make or break your fourth trimester!



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