The 7 BEST Postpartum Gift Ideas for New Moms

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After 9 pregnancies and births, I’m pretty familiar with all the popular gifts for moms-to-be. Blankets, baby clothes and diapers are all necessities, but once those are well stocked, what else can people bring to a baby shower? This gift box is THE best postpartum gift idea and perfect for preparing any mom for the 4th trimester.

If it wasn’t already apparent, let me just state that I love pregnancy and babies! Expecting a new baby brings so much joy and excitement to life, along with a little anxiety and trepidation. I’m always looking for the best gift ideas to help new parents.

There are oodles and oodles of books, blog posts and articles out there about pregnancy and all the changes it brings. But the postpartum period for the new mother gets a little overlooked.

And if a pregnant mama asks other postpartum moms about what to expect after baby, she might be a little terrified at hearing her friends’ experiences. There’s sure to be lots of talk about sore body parts, excessive bleeding, sleep deprivation, postpartum depression and just plain emotional overwhelm. Yikes.

In reality, there is some of that, but there are also SO many feelings of love, joy and contentment. It’s honestly my favorite part of the whole baby-growing experience.

In honor of this beautifully difficult and triumphant period of life, I present the New Mama Basics Gift Box, the perfect gift for those early days of motherhood, postpartum recovery and learning about self care as a parent.

I created this postpartum care package in honor of new parents everywhere who have all the best baby gifts they could need, but might not know how to take care of mom right after baby is born (and through all those exhausting night feedings). New mom gift ideas can be tricky, but I know this one is a homerun.

My new mom gift basket is filled with 7 thoughtful gifts and practical items that I gradually learned (over the past 16 years of having babies) can either make or break a 4th trimester (this box is ideal for packing in a hospital bag). While every first-time mom would benefit from these favorite gifts, these are also great ideas for an experienced mom.

This unique gift box contains:

• A silky soft hospital-friendly nightgown complete with front and back openings for convenience during birth and breastfeeding

• The perfect sleep bra to support sensitive, postpartum breasts and keep nursing pads in place

• 2 pack of contoured, reusable nursing pads

• Organic nipple balm to soothe sore, cracked nipples

• 100% natural lip & cheek tint in a neutral color to help you look and feel your best 

• 1 package of delicious gourmet candy because treats make everything better

• A list of my top 10 postpartum tips for a healthy and happy fourth trimester, as well as 5 ways for the new mom to ask for help

Not only does this new mom care package make one of the best gifts for any baby shower (throw in a restaurant or grocery gift card to really pamper her), it’s also a great gift to buy yourself. I can’t think of a better pregnancy gift than a postpartum gift box. In fact, I think more of us should be thinking about the best postpartum gifts and what the amazing new mom needs, rather than just stuff to make the baby look cute.

Bringing a new baby into the world is a time for celebration, but in my experience, neighbors and family members can get so caught up in the miracle of new life, they forget to check in with the new mama to see how she’s doing. And even when asked, sometimes mom is too embarrassed or overwhelmed to admit that she’s struggling.

Motherhood brings so much all at once: a postpartum body, worries about milk supply, occasional mental health issues, physical recovery from birth plus caring for a newborn baby! A package of postpartum essentials can be just the thing to take some of the pressure off the new parents to know how to do everything right. A postpartum gift basket gives a new mom permission to spend some time creating a comfortable environment for herself during those early postpartum days.

The New Mama Gift Box is the ideal way to ensure that mom feels just as pampered as the precious new baby will be. Baby clothes are sure cute but nothing beats practical gifts for the mama who’s doing all the work!

Side note: another great gift option would be a Novalie gift certificate if you think the new mom might prefer something cute to wear after pregnancy. I’m always so excited to get some semblance of my regular body back so that I can wear stylish clothes again!



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