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Whether you’re a newbie seamstress or have been sewing for years, a good set of supplies can make all the difference in the quality of your sewing experience! Here’s a roundup of my most favorite sewing tools and supplies and what to use them for (including the best sewing machine for beginners!)

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

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It’s no secret that sewing is my favorite hobby but it can be really intimidating to start sewing or even continue after taking a break. Today’s post includes my top choices for stocking your sewing space with the essential tools to make your sewing experience simple and easy.

There are definitely a ton more supplies out there that are great for advanced sewing techniques and pattern drafting but today we’re focusing just on the basics!

I’ve linked everything individually below but you can find my full list of favorite supplies on my Amazon favorites page here.

Sewing Machine

This is the part that trips most new sewists up; what machine should you get?

The quick answer is: it doesn’t matter as much as you think! The best sewing machine for beginners is one that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles (simple is key!) is affordable but is also built by a reputable company so you know it will last.

A few of the best brands out there are Brother, Janome, Singer, Bernina and Husqvarna to name a few! Some are definitely more pricey than others but I’d probably expect to spend between $200-$400 on a quality beginning machine.

I also recommend checking local sewing shops and eBay for excellent quality machines that are older and being sold secondhand. Buying them from a sewing shop is generally the safest because it means they’ve been recently serviced and are in good working condition.

Here are a few of the best sewing machines for beginners, at the great price point of under $300! (at the time of this post)

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine

Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome Magnolia Sewing Machine Bundle

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Cutting Supplies

Having the right scissors and cutting supplies can be revolutionary for having a great sewing experience! If you’ve ever tried to cut fabric with dull scissors, you know what I’m talking about.

The following supplies are my basic favorites for ensuring that the cutting portion of your creative project goes as smoothly as possible.

Basic Fiskars Scissors – Perfect for basic sewing projects and super affordable!

Gingher Dressmaker Shears – I LOVE these scissors and use them for all the tricky fabrics. They’re heavy weight and great quality.

Fiskars Easy Action Scissors – Sometimes your hand just gets really tired when you’re cutting thick fabric or a large quantity. These spring-loaded scissors take away hand strain and are so fun to use.
And these smaller spring-loaded scissors are perfect for clipping stray threads!

Fiskars Rotary Cutter – These are generally used for quilting because they can cut several layers at a time easily and are perfect for straight cuts. But I use them all the time for apparel! Be sure to grab the cutting mat and ruler below to go with it and LOTS of spare blades.

A self-healing mat and acrylic ruler are essential if you’ll be using a rotary cutter. I love using these tools for small pattern pieces when sewing clothes or for just about any other precision project.

This small cutting kit is a steal of a deal with a small rotary cutter, ruler and mat. But I definitely recommend grabbing the bigger one linked above if you do any larger projects.


Seam Rippers – If you’ve ever sewn a stitch, you’ve probably ripped one out as well! I love buying these in bulk because I’m always losing them and they get dull fairly quickly. It never hurts to have spares.

Measuring tapes – another essential that I buy in bulk because I can never seem to find one when I need it.

Flat head pins – these make sewing SO much easier when you don’t have to deal with round heads that get stuck or in the way. I’ve even sewn through the plastic head of a couple of these without breaking anything.

Magnetic pin holder – Keep all those pins in one place by just dropping them on this thing!

Schmetz Sewing Machine needles – Sewing machines need special needles and Schmetz are about the best all-around brand. Get a universal model for the broadest range of fabrics and be sure to change it when it starts snagging fabric.

Magnifying light – This is one of the coolest inventions for sewing and crafting! I can never seem to have enough light when seam ripping, sewing by hand or threading a needle and this light is perfect for those detail-oriented tasks.

Thread Storage Rack – This bad boy holds every color thread imaginable. It props up on your sewing table but I added eye screws to the top of mine and have it mounted to my wall.

Sewing Clips – If you’re ever working with a fabric (or a tricky technique)
that doesn’t pin well, these clips are a lifesaver. I have hundreds and use them all the time.

Turning Tool – This little gadget is my FAVORITE for whenever I need to turn a tube of fabric right side out. Save your hands and sanity when making handmade ties and belts, straps and baby clothes.


Black & Decker Digital Steam Iron – I love this iron and have two of them now! It heats up super fast, has a steam option and auto shutoff: all essential for sewing projects that can take hours.

Table Top ironing board – Save yourself from walking all over your sewing room with a portable ironing board. Even better: set it up right next to your sewing machine and never leave your chair!

Garment Steamer – a regular iron can’t be beat for pressing seams and hems but I love this steamer for finished garments, especially those made from specialty fabrics!

Do you have any other supplies that you’re curious about? Let me know!

And see more pictures of how I set up my tiny sewing space here.

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