Maternity Photos: Baby #9!

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I’ve always wanted to get maternity and newborn photography done (still waiting for this newborn to arrive) but it took me 8 pregnancies to finally get around to taking professional pictures of the belly. Every baby and pregnancy should be celebrated and I’m so glad I’m (slowly) learning how to enjoy every minute of this part of motherhood!

Have you ever had professional maternity photos taken? It’s a super popular practice now but wasn’t very common back when I started having babies 14 years ago. (Yikes. That makes me feel ancient.)

It can be SO easy to get bogged down by the negatives of pregnancy: aching joints, insomnia, heartburn, weight gain…I’ll just stop there for now. But we all know deep down what a real and true miracle it is! So many women ache to be pregnant and carry their own biological children, that it almost seems criminal to ever complain about it.

Pregnancy is hard, but beautiful!

But it’s hard, I get that. It takes a toll on us mentally, physically and emotionally and on our families too. So instead of focusing on the negative, I really wanted to remember this pregancy (maybe my last?? I dunno. Probably one of my last. Ha!) as the beautiful and miraculous experience that it is.

I hope you enjoy these pics! Would you ever consider investing in some maternity photos of yourself??

A Few Tips

Interested in getting some maternity shots taken yourself? Here’s what I recommend!

  • Find something you look (and feel) amazing in. I recommend long, flowy dresses that aren’t too tight anywhere. I loved that this one showed a little skin on my arms without baring everything (I did wear a skin color short sleeved undershirt). ASOS is a great place for gorgeous maternity dresses! Here’s the link to the one I’m wearing.
  • Pick a golden hour to shoot in. That means within a couple hours of sunrise or the hour before sunset. We did these in the early morning and I loved it! Totally worth getting up at 6 am šŸ™‚
  • Make sure your outfit and location colors mesh well. I really wanted to shoot in the desert, especially after finding this dress because I thought the rich plum would look great juxtaposed with the browns and dusty greens of the desert. I love the combination!
  • Wear extra makeup. This is second nature to me now that I shoot lots of photos for the blog but faces always look more washed out in photography so be sure to add extra eye makeup and lip color, even if you’re going for a neutral look.
  • Do something relaxed and timeless with your hair. I curled mine like I usually do, but just did a deeper part and added a couple tiny rose buds. I was hoping for elegant without looking overdone. Watch out for trends if you plan on hanging these in your house for years to come!
  • Snag a photographer who you’re comfortable with and who has experience shooting pregnant people (with a camera – ha!). I’ve worked with Chrissy several times before and LOVE her maternity shoots so I knew I was in good hands!
  • Paint your nails or have them done. Maternity photography usually involves lots of hand-belly shots so make sure your nails look pretty that day, even if they normally look like you’re a mom who does lots of dishes.

Maternity dress from ASOS (Iā€™m wearing a 12 here and am usually a 6/8 pre-pregnancy in other brands. ASOS tends to run 1 or 2 sizes small, IMO).

Photos by Let Me See You Sparkle

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