Postpartum Clothes: 5 Essential Pieces You Can’t Live Without

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Getting dressed any day with kids running around is a feat in and of itself but finding the right postpartum clothes brings its own unique challenges. I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to look cute, be comfy and have confidence even right after having a baby!

You all know I’m passionate about looking and feeling amazing with little effort and zero body drama. But I’m ALL too acutely aware of how difficult this can be right after having a baby. We all need to leave the house eventually (even if wearing nightgowns and cuddling a newborn forever sound incredible) and I’m here to help you do it!

There are a handful of postpartum clothes that I consider to be essential in that tricky transition phase where you have to go to the grocery store but your belly still hasn’t even begun to shrink back down. I’m about 6 weeks postpartum in these pictures, so a little past the part where I’m allowed to lie in bed all day with the baby, but still not yet feeling like a normal human being!

And if you’re still waiting on baby’s arrival, check out my postpartum gift boxes! These contain all the essentials for those first few days and weeks post baby. They’re all products I’ve used over and over after my babies and can’t recommend them enough.

1. Elastic Waist Pants or Skirts

Some women leave the hospital in button fly jeans but that is most CERTAINLY not the norm. If you want to make sure you’re comfortable and able to breathe during those first couple post-baby months, stock up on anything with an elastic waist!

While sweats and knit joggers certainly qualify as pants, I prefer to find something a little dressier so that I look like I actually tried; this look pictured here is a pretty perfect date night outfit! These polyester pants have a flat front waistband and elastic back so that they look even nicer.

2. Button Down Tops & Dresses

If you’re breastfeeding your new babe, anything with a button front is totally a must-have! They make nursing access super easy and any button-front top is a step up from a baby-puke-covered-baggy-old-participation-T-shirt from your last 5k. And if you’re the church-going kind, button-up shirtdresses are the BEST way to nurse discretely in a worship service!

3. Boxy Blouses & T-Shirts

We are super fortunate that boxy-shaped tops (in love with this one!) are in style right now and abound in stores…they make covering a postpartum belly so easy and effortless! Plus, you can wear the same size now as you can in 6-9 months when your bosom and belly start looking a bit flatter. Just front tuck that bad boy and you’ll look totally put together.

I like pairing these tops with a flat front pants (like these pictured here), a knit pencil skirt, cotton joggers and postpartum friendly jeans (i.e. size way up!).

4. T-shirt Dresses

Once again, any top or dress with a rectangular or boxy shape is gonna be super flattering and comfy at this phase of life. Loose T-shirt dresses are some of my favorites, as long as you can grab one that has nursing access, if that’s something you need. This one from my clothing shop is a great option!

You can also sometimes find stretchy varieties that allow nursing access through the neckline! Look for a lower v-neck made from a fabric with lots of stretch and a good recovery (meaning it returns to its original shape after being stretched out).

5. Vests & Sweaters & Jackets, Oh My!

If you’ve been around a while you know that strategic outerwear is my FAVORITE way to make my old pre-pregnancy clothes work even after having a baby. If you’ve got pants, dresses or tops that still fit OK but make you a little uncomfortable in how they hug your new curves, throw on a vest or sweater!

These pieces are also convenient ways to add that “third piece” to your outfit which up-levels your look without a lot of effort. Some styling ideas for these pieces are:
*A graphic tee, jeans and a military vest
*A t-shirt dress and statement cardigan
*A monochrome outfit with a cute, colorful jacket

As a reminder, you don’t owe dressing up to anyone and you should feel ZERO pressure to “camouflage” your miraculous body that just created life. BUT, I also know that when we look good, we FEEL good, and so I’m a huge fan of helping you find easy ways to feel incredible. You deserve it!

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