Our Tool for Beating Summer Boredom


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Got kids at home in record-breaking temps? Don’t let the whininess get you down! Create a poster for beating summer boredom like we did and fuel creativity, excitement and family fun this summer.

During early 2020, at the onset of COVID, our family found ourselves enjoying our spring immensely. The weather here in Phoenix is beautiful in February, March and April and we had absolutely nowhere to be!

But once the triple digit temperatures set in, so did the boredom. We had no idea what to do with ourselves other than swimming in our backyard pool before the sun got too brutal or watching TV. So the kids and I sat down and brainstormed a bunch of ideas for keeping busy.

But once the ideas were on paper, I wanted a way to limit these activities to what I was capable of making happen each week. I was newly pregnant with baby Brynn and feeling barfy plus COVID had severely limited our income so I knew that there would be times when I wouldn’t feel like leaving the house or an activity wouldn’t fit into our budget.

So we created this (very beautifully done) poster divided into 4 quadrants: the first column is for activities that can be done at home, the second is for things away from home. Then the first row is for free activities while the second row is for things that cost money.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see that the quadrant of “free & at home” had the most activities; just what I was hoping for! As you can see, we only crossed off a couple activities during that first summer but it was plenty to keep the kids entertained and/or looking forward to something. Our accomplishments included a trip to Utah to visit friends and family and go to an amusement park, outdoor movie nights, hosting dinner parties, playdough and more.

The trick for creating your own boredom-buster poster is to include activities both small and large. And remember that you as a mom will have to facilitate most of these in one way or another, so (it goes without saying but) don’t go too crazy if you have no desire to follow through.

And if you already have something out of the ordinary scheduled for the summer (a family reunion, for example) then add that to your list! Kids love to get excited about an upcoming event and it feels so fun to cross it off and then reflect back on all the great things you did that summer.

What tips do you have for beating summer boredom?


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