Why Its Important to Take Time for Yourself

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Feeling guilty about taking time on your appearance?
Stop with that mom guilt! Watch this video about why it’s important to take time for yourself.

Do you ever feel bad for taking time out of your busy life to look attractive?  I often want to look nice but feel like everything in the whole wide world comes before me and my appearance?  I think that’s pretty normal, especially for stay-at-home moms.

When we don’t have any place to go every day, and the bulk of our time is spent with kids inside our home, it can become really easy to put our beauty & fashion on the back burner.  In fact, maybe we even tell ourselves that it’s not that important if we never wear anything besides yoga pants again.  They certainly rank at the top of the comfy list…wait, should that not be the sole requirement for a mom-wardrobe??

Well, I’m here to say: You matter!  And looking nice does WONDERS for any mom’s self-esteem and confidence.  I think every mom deserves to take a little time to look amazing and that it really is important to our self-image.  If you think you don’t have time to invest in yourself, I promise that you can look amazing with as little as 10-15 minutes a day!  Trust me, if I can find the time, I think anyone can. A lightning fast beauty routine, easy hairdos and a capsule wardrobe go a long way in making getting ready a breeze.

Watch the video below and let me know if you’d like to up your game when it comes to your appearance.  What do you struggle with the most?  I’d love to do more videos about this and help other amazing women find time to make themselves look incredible!

Check out this post about putting together a fun and cute capsule wardrobe.  And this one about fitting in exercise even when you barely have time to shower!

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