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Jump on the pinafore-style dress bandwagon with this easy pattern hack!





Have you guys heard about Stash Builder Box yet?  It’s this amazing little monthly box full of adorable fabrics, cute sewing accessories and an on-trend quilt pattern.  The company that sells them then takes 20% from each purchase and uses the funds to create quilts to donate to all kinds of people in need!  Sewing for a cause?  Heck yeah!

I about died when I saw the fabrics I received in my October mega box (1 yard of each of 3 super cute prints).  They’re from Maureen Cracknell’s Nightfall collection and the entire lookbook makes me drool.  I think I’m gonna copy that quilt on the cover because it is beyond gorgeous.

I knew I wanted to make a dress for Mimi out of the fabrics and finally settled on this pinafore style.  It’s the CUTEST little summer dress, and perfect over a long sleeve top for winter!  I’ve been meaning to figure out a pinafore hack from my Infinite A-line Dress pattern so read on for the full tutorial.








Nightfall fabric collection || Stash builder Box || Infinite A-line Dress Pattern || Hair bow: Little Poppy Co ||
shoes: Mini Melissa

Pinafore Pattern Hack Tutorial


You’ll need my Infinite A-line Pattern and will essentially be making View D (the ruffled bodice with gathered skirt and optional hem ruffle). You’ll need to save some extra fabric for the straps and waistband.
I made size 2 for Marilyn because she’s chubby and I wanted it to last a while.  I did end up taking the waist in a bit because I felt like a pinafore needed to fit closer than a regular dress with a full bodice.  Also, I kept the length as instructed in the pattern and, with the addition of the waistband, it ended up almost maxi-length on her! I loved it, but if you’re looking for a shorter, knee length, you’ll want to chop off some length off your skirt.  I recommend making the bodice (including waistband) first, then trying it on your little girl and measuring how long you’d like the skirt to be.

All seam allowances for straps and waistband are 1/4″.

  1. You’ll need to cut the following pattern pieces: TWO of pattern piece 2 (bodice front only), two of piece 6 (ruffles), skirt and skirt ruffle if desired.  Take both of your bodice front pieces (piece 2) and cut along the “cut line”; discard the underarm pieces.

  2. Cut 4 straps, measuring 2″ x 8″.  Again, these were for a size 2 dress; you’ll want to adjust the length if making anything other than a size 2.  I recommend measuring the length of your front bodice piece and adding a few inches to determine the correct length.

  3. Take your front bodice pieces, and sew one strap to each shoulder, RST.  Press seams well.

  4. Gather your ruffle pieces and attach them to ONE bodice piece, along the straight edge you cut in step one and all along the strap.  Your ruffle will go from the front waist of the bodice, to the back end of the straps.


  5. Lay your bodice lining (the bodice piece and straps with NO ruffles) on top of your bodice front WITH ruffles, RST.  Sew bodice to lining along neckline and down one side of straps (the inside hem).

  6. Fold your ruffles in towards each other (so they don’t get sewn in the next seam) and stitch the other side of bodice to lining, along the opposite edge of bodice and  straps (where you attached the ruffle).  Clip neckline curves and turn right side out.  Press seams well.

  7. Cut 2 waistband pieces, measuring 2″ x the desired length.  To determine length, measure your model’s waist and add 1.5″.

  8. Sandwich bodice front between waistband pieces, RST, matching centers of all 3 pieces.  Baste just along bodice edge, leaving the ends of waistband unsewn.

  9. Try bodice on your model to determine strap placement and pin straps in place (I placed my straps about 1.5″ apart).  Stitch the entire length of waistband together along this one long side, sandwiching bodice and straps.  Fold waistband down, right sides out and press well.

  10. Match up short, raw edges of waistband and stitch together to create one continuous loop.

  11. Make the skirt according to pattern directions, adding optional hem ruffle, if desired.  Gather skirt top to fit waistband.

  12. Turn skirt inside out and slide bodice (upside down) into skirt; pin skirt top to outside of waistband, RST, lining up raw edges.  Stitch together and press well.

  13. Turn dress right side out.  Inside skirt, fold waistband lining down over the skirt seam you sewed in step 11.  Fold raw edge of waistband lining under 1/4″ and stitch in the ditch on outside of dress to catch this folded edge underneath.

  14. Create a short 1-button opening by following the placket instructions in the pattern.

    Now put it on your little model and admire your creation!  Don’t you just love it??

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