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Wearing clothes can be HARD (especially postpartum clothes)! We want to look cute but not pretentious, we want them to be flattering without our trying too hard, we want to be stylish but not outlandish; what’s an overworked mom to do?? Today’s video will give you some solid tips for dressing one area SO many women don’t feel comfortable with: the belly!

postpartum clothes t-shirt

I’m so excited to share today’s video with you all! It’s the first episode in a fashion series I’m thrilled to introduce called Flattering Fashion!

The aim of this series is to invoke all the body positivity and confidence as we learn to flatter specific parts of our body. Have a hard time finding pants that fit your super strong thighs? Or T-shirts that comfortably cover your nursing bosoms?? All of these things are issues I can’t wait to address for you!

But for today, we’re starting with the ONE area that many women (and probably most moms!) feel anxiety over: the midsection. If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect top, dress or pants to fit your belly, this video is for you.

Obviously my body is different from yours and what works for me won’t always work for everyone, but I hope that if this is an area you struggle to feel confident about that some of these ideas will help you overcome your angst! And if you’re looking specifically for flattering postpartum clothes, check out this post!

Our bodies are incredible and I want that confidence to exude out of us, every day and no matter where we go. Watch the video below!

What body area should I tackle next??

Links to everything in the video

What I’m wearing in the video:

Chambray joggers
Neon T-shirt
Boxy button up blouse
Floral tie-waist top
Fave high-waisted Madewell jeans (mentioned in video)
My second fave pair of high-waisted jeans
Lower waisted jeans (similar to those worn in video)
DIY tutorial for black striped top
White top with ruched sleeves
Striped Blazer (similar)
Blue striped jumpsuit
Gray striped T-shirt dress
Cork leather drop earrings

(these 3 are from Novalie!)
Black embroidered top
Olive vest
Leopard print cardigan

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