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If you’re a mom then chances are you’ve felt overwhelmed a time or two. Today we’re releasing a brand new podcast called “Outnumbered”! It’s a Christian mom podcast for any woman who’s ever felt stressed out and under qualified to be a mom. Details on how to listen below!

Hello friends! Today I’ve got some REALLY exciting news for you…I’m launching a podcast with a friend!

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to learn and be entertained lately, especially because they’re so easy to listen to. Just turn one on using your phone, plug in some headphones and you can go about your laundry or your carpooling with something more fun to listen to than children fighting. #Score

Ever since starting this blog several years ago, I’ve felt called to talk to and about mothers. To send encouragement, humor and advice out into the world. To help other moms realize their value in the grand scheme of things and to offer them suggestions for getting more joy out of the day to day grind.

I began thinking about a podcast early last year, but immediately shooed away the thought on the pretense of already being too “busy” (there’s that word again). But when my blogging friend Audrey (who I still haven’t met IRL, BTW!) mentioned that she’d also been thinking about starting one, the wheels started turning for both of us and we decided to just try it out.

We recorded a test episode before Christmas last year and immediately fell in love with the process and with sharing tips and humor regarding this great motherhood adventure.

You see, Audrey’s also a homeschooling mom to 8 kids (and is even pregnant with her 9th, just like I am!) and she blogs about sewing, so we knew we had lots in common. But we’re also learning lots of ways that make us different which means that we have a wide variety of experiences and wisdom to share with you all.

We’ve already recorded lots of episodes and cannot WAIT for you all to listen in. We hope you love every last episode but most of all, we hope that this podcast helps you find joy in the chaos of motherhood!

How to Listen

Click here to go to the podcast’s homepage and listen to one of our first 3 episodes!

If you’re new to podcasts, you’ll want to make sure you have a podcast listening app on your phone or device. All iPhones come with the Apple podcast app already loaded but you can also listen on Spotify, Google Play and lots more! Here’s a whole list of great podcast apps.

If you already have a podcast app installed, here are the direct links to our show on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Tunein, Podbean, and Google Play.
Phew…lots of options!

Episode #1 is an introduction to the two of us and talks about what we hope to give you as you tune in each week.

Episode #2 is about kids and chores! We’re sharing some tips and frustrations about getting kids to pitch in around the house and what’s worked best for each of us.

Episode #3 is near to my heart because we’re talking about why we sometimes feel like we want to quit being a mom. We open up about the hardships but also the amazing upsides to motherhood and how you can avoid getting to the point where you want to throw up your hands in defeat.

If you’d like to know right when a new episode goes live, enter your email address below; we publish a new show every Tuesday!

This email list is separate from my blog list so be sure to sign up, even if you already get my newsletter.

Hope to chat soon!

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