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Are you a podcast junkie like I am? Whether you’ve loved them for years or are just now starting to discover this audio treasure trove, below is a list of some podcast episodes that have really hit home for me in the past couple weeks. I hope you find one you love as well!

Podcasts are the BEST! Admittedly, I think they’re really kind of a resurgence of radio shows of old. Podcasts might have a new name and we might listen to them on fancy smartphones instead of the ol’ “wireless” but I just love this old-new source of information!

Whether you’re looking for BTS on a true-crime mystery, religious inspiration or business tips, I guarantee there’s a podcast for you. Below are some of my very favorite episodes from the past few months, including one from my very own podcast (shameless self-promotion). Learn more about Outnumbered and my podcast co-host Audrey, here! You also can’t go wrong with subscribing to any of the podcasts channels listed below.

  1. Confidence: Part One – episode 36 and Part Two – episode 37 from Couples Coaching with Natalie Clay.
    These episodes were recommended to me by some homeschool friends and they were both MIND BLOWING. Natalie talks specifically about how our own personal confidence helps our intimate relationships (and conversely, how the lack thereof creates problems). These episodes are short and sweet and life-altering. Seriously.
  2. Love vs. People Pleasing: episode 321 from The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo.
    Very often I can’t tell from a podcast episode title whether or not it will be earth-shattering but I’ve needed to learn how to reconcile love and people pleasing for my entire 40 years of life. And this episode did not disappoint! Brooke always gives it to you straight and if you think you have people pleasing tendencies (don’t we all?) then I know you’ll find this one helpful.
  3. Monday Hour One: episode 306 from The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo.
    I tried to not include two from the same podcast but this one was just too good! Brooke (and two of her coaches) explain this new program for how to schedule your to-do list and work week (or even if it simply includes a week of laundry and dinner making). Her approach is pretty revolutionary and I’m considering taking the official course to learn more!
  4. Grace Vs. Excuse: episode 67 from Outnumbered the Podcast.
    Obviously I love every episode we record, for various reasons, but I just feel that this episode needs to be heard by every mother (make that woman) everywhere. We women are notoriously hard on ourselves and yet we can sometimes just as quickly fall into a habit of not pushing ourselves hard enough in the name of “grace”. This episode explores that fine line of being kind to ourselves and still reaching for the stars.

    Here are a few more of my favorite podcast channels not listed above. Every one of these is worth a listen!

    *Better Than Happy by Jody Moore – the show that started my podcast addiction and that everyone needs to try!

    *About Progress by Monica Packer – Monica is as kind and amazing in person as she is on air and this podcast is perfect for all of us struggling with perfection.

    *How I Built This with Guy Raz – If you’re a fan of startups and their stories, you HAVE to listen to this podcast! It includes fascinating tales of businesses that never should have been but have grown to amazing heights. It’s so inspirational for every business owner or wannabe entrepreneur.

    *Live Free Creative with Miranda Anderson – Miranda is fun, down to earth and relatable with oodles of amazing content. We even had her as a guest on Outnumbered and loved learning from her wisdom!

    *Boutique Chat with Ashley Alderson – Admittedly this podcast is pretty niche specific and designed for owners of fashion boutiques but if this happens to be you (or you’re involved with retail at all), you’ll love Ashley and her awesome tips!

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