Podcast Episode 10: Guest Interview with Kim Coffin

Motherhood, Parenting

Want to hear from an amazing mom who manages to run a successful business and parent her 3 small children? You’re in luck! Today’s guest episode with Kimberly Coffin with inspire you, make you laugh and maybe even make you cry. Don’t miss it!

Living in the information age means that while it’s easier than ever to stay in contact with a person, it may be harder than ever to create real, lasting connections with others.

We “like” photos and make cutesy comments, but none of that can replace the relationships we create through face-to-face interactions.

I’m lucky enough to know Kimberly Coffin of Sweet Red Poppy both online and in real life, and she’s an incredible mom, business owner and human being.

It was our privilege to interview her for this week’s Outnumbered Podcast and hear all about how she manages to run a successful business while parenting her 3 small kids. We also got to hear of the struggles she’s encountered with postpartum depression and anxiety and how she manages to find joy every day.

The whole episode is one of my absolute favorites and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as Audrey, Kim and I loved making it.

Listen here!

And once you’ve listened, we’d love to hear what your favorite part was!

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