The best online sewing classes for 2022


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There are a million ways to learn how to sew, but digital, online classes are hands down the best bang for your buck (and way easier than a sewing book). I’m sharing my favorite resource for improving your sewing skills in as little as a few minutes each day.

Learning how to use a sewing machine is one of those skills that it seems everyone wants, but few know where to start. Most of us with some sewing knowledge probably got it from a mom or grandma or Home Ec class (back when they still had those).

But if you’re now a busy adult looking to improve your sewing skills, it’s a little bit trickier. Going to classes or hiring a one-on-one teacher can be inconvenient and cost-prohibitive. But now there’s good news: we have access to digital courses!

Online courses are have SO many benefits. They are accessible to anyone with internet access, can be done at your own pace, are good for all skill levels and can teach anything from sewing a straight line to using sewing patterns to create your own clothes.

Plus, any sewing class worth it’s weight will be a video course so it’ll feel like you have a teacher right there in the room with you.

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to sewing, so much can feel overwhelming, by I promise that an online platform is a great place for total newbies to learn how to sew.

And while I’m sure in today’s post-COVID era I don’t have to explain what an online class is, here’s a brief overview of how it works in the arts and crafts realm:

You purchase a class online and then gain access to a portal where the lessons are contained. A good sewing class with have plenty of video content and a great class will also have an engaging teacher and step-by-step projects to complete alongside him or her.

There are generally two types of classes: monthly subscriptions which require payment every month (and sometimes offer a free trial) or one-and-done courses where you pay a single flat fee and gain total access to the course.

There’s no need to stress if you’re not tech savvy; once you purchase the course, you simply create login information for the course and then watch it on your phone, tablet or computer.

There are countless types of sewing classes out there but my top recommendation is Ready, Set, Sew by Kimberly Coffin. Not only is her content top-notch, but I know Kim personally and everything she works on is impeccable.

Her course is of the one-and-done variety that will teach you basic skills as well as fundamentals to take you to the next level and launch you into a budding fashion designer, if you so desire!

Kimberly not only has sewing skills far beyond her years, she produces exceptional videos that are clear and colorful, easy to follow and a joy to watch.

Her teaching style is friendly and approachable and she also has a huge YouTube channel with plenty of tutorials for use after taking her course.

Her short course covers all the basics of sewing including effective ways to use your machine, how to choose the right fabric for a project, basic tools to invest in as well as step by step guidance for a handful of sewing projects.

You can purchase just her sewing course for right around $100 or her serger course for a little more.

Slightly more advanced students would probably be more interested in learning about sergers but if you’re new-ish to sewing and have any interest in using a serger (you should!) then grab her course bundle and get both of them at a significant discount.

They truly are some of the best online sewing courses available!

If I could go back and do anything differently in my sewing journey, it would be getting a great teacher right from the start to help me learn new skills.

I would’ve saved so much time and expensive materials by learning from sewing experts, rather than letting my seam rippers guide me through my journey.

If you have any other questions about Kimberly’s class or sewing in general, just comment and I’m happy to help.


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