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Balancing control in motherhood is never easy. Read on for tips about letting go of the unimportant!

I’d always considered myself to be a pretty easy going person, until I had kids. Then all of a sudden there are little people all over the place trying to mix my pancakes the wrong way and using the bathroom the wrong way and wearing the wrong shirt with the wrong pants, and out of nowhere I’ve turned into a control freak! It sometimes seems as if my children’s sole purpose in life is to test my patience for doing things differently than how I would do them.

Now, I realize that some of this contrary behavior is simply due to the learning process children go through.  My job as a mom includes teaching my kids to eat salad with a fork and soup with a spoon, how to match a floral skirt with a solid top and how serious harm will come to their bare feet if they forget shoes on summer pavement in Phoenix. 

However, I’m also realizing that part of my children’s desire to do things differently stems from the fact that they ARE different from me. Barring any threat to their health or safety (or my immediate sanity), I could probably let them do a whole lot more their way. I mean, are there any serious repercussions to wearing mismatched shoes in public or a princess dress to the store (with too-big flip flops and a fading fake tattoo)? How about using chopsticks to eat soup or consuming only watermelon for three days straight? Probably not. 

As we head into a new school year, with its overzealous goal sheets and over scheduled days, my goal is to be more patient with my children’s way (and *cough* even speed) of doing things.  To say “yes” more. To realize that my way may not be the best way after all. And most of all, to love the journey of raising these little individuals with all their quirks and talents!

So let’s hear it; what’s the hardest for you to let go of as a mom??

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