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Get my must-have list of everything you need to make baby’s introduction to solid foods successful!
This post has been sponsored by Gerber. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s completely blowing my mind that Alice turned 5 months this week.  She continues to charm the socks off her siblings, parents, grandparents and anyone who sees her out in public!  She’s getting old enough to grab and eat everything within reach, roll over, smile and laugh, and eat my jewelry.  Such a super fun stage!

She’s also getting to the age where we can start her on solid foods.  While I really, really love breastfeeding my babies, I also like when we can start feeding them other things since it seems like my babies stay satisfied a little longer and I don’t have to worry so much about being the one to exclusively meet their dietary needs.

Today I’ve got a list of feeding essentials to make your baby’s early foray into solid foods as pleasant as possible!  These are all products that have made things easier on our meal times and helped my babies transition well.

    1.  A great seat: baby’s needs vary depending on when you decide to start solid foods so make sure you have a great booster or high chair for when your infant takes her first real bite.  I love high chairs that can be reclined a bit because babies can’t sit up independently until close to 7 or 8 months.  
    2. Good dishware: we’ve used plastic bowls like this for our kids for years.  They’re indestructible and lightweight and stack well so you can have 37,000 of them like we do. Some newfangled bowls have grippy bottoms so that baby can’t fling it off the table which is a feature I love, but not necessary at this young age as long as you keep the bowl away from little fingers.
    3. Baby-friendly spoons: a simple plastic spoon is great for feeding baby her first few meals but I really love the metal kinds with rubber tips.  I think these are just softer on babies’ gums and my kids all loved chewing on them after mealtime since they’re usually teething at this age too.

  1. Absorbent bibs: I know some people are huge fans of plastic bibs that they can just wipe off and reuse but I prefer good old cotton bibs that absorb spills.  And don’t even bother with those itsy bitsy little baby bibs you see at the store sometimes…get the biggest ones you can find! (This cute one was made for baby Alice by my sweet friend Kim of the blog Sweet Red Poppy)
  2. Nutrient-dense foods.  I don’t remember much about my early childhood but I do remember always seeing Gerber cereals on the shelf of my childhood pantry. I used to mix it and feed it to my infant siblings myself; in fact even before I had Liam, I remembered the taste of it because my mom taught me to test the temperature before feeding it to the baby!  
    Right around 4-6 months, babies begin to lose their iron stores from birth and need an additional source.  Gerber infant cereal provides a huge source of dietary iron which is crucial for baby’s brain.  It also includes Vitamin E & Zinc to support your baby’s immune system, Vitamin C to aid in iron absorption, Calcium and B Vitamins.  Plus it’s non-GMO and contains no artificial flavors or colors so I feel pretty darn good about making it one of the first things my baby gets besides breastmilk.
    I chose the Gerber Oatmeal cereal for Alice’s first try and grabbed it at Target while shopping for a friend’s new baby. I think I could live in the baby section of Target since pretty much 97% of all the things our family needs at this stage in life come from there – ha!

You can snag your own Gerber cereal for 10% off at Target with this Cartwheel offer (but hurry because the offer ends September 3rd)!

So if you’re past your first baby’s intro to solids, are there any other products or tips you can add? What makes for a successful baby feeding time at your house?

Photo credit: Let Me See You Sparkle Photography

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