Hot trends: Color Blocking and Polka Dots!

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I’m always looking for new, up-to-date fashion trends I can incorporate into my wardrobe that fit my style and aren’t hard to wear! Adding specific colors or patterns is an easy way to update your closet and pair new additions with your tried and true clothing favorites. Read on for two of my favorite styles in fashion lately, including the color blocking trend!

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclaimer here.

It ain’t a secret that I love color and patterns in my closet! And while I love to keep an eye out for the latest trends in fashion, I certainly don’t have the finances (or desire!) to accumulate piles of new clothing every season just to stay “in style”.

Instead, I like to use pieces I already own and maybe buy a couple new things that reflect the current color and pattern trends seen on the runways and on my favorite fashionistas.

The color blocking trend has been a favorite of mine ever since I realized it was a thing! It basically gives us permission to wear an article of clothing with as many colors on it as possible – what’s not to love about THAT?

Color Blocking and Polka Dots!

Big bold stripes are everywhere this season, which is a form of color blocking but my favorite manifestation of this trend is in pieces like this short sleeved sweater! Every pattern piece of this top is in a different color but they all manage to work together to create a fashionable yet timeless piece. I love it with nicer skirts, jeans, slacks or casual skirts!

My favorite combination since buying this top is with this navy and white polka dot pencil skirt. Dots are also here to stay and are an easy way to pattern mix since they usually just involve one color and a neutral. The whole thing is just one of my favorite looks and a great way to incorporate two pattern trends without going overboard.

What do you think? Will you be including any color blocking or polka dots in your wardrobe soon? Check out some more great pieces in these patterns below!

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