Week 8: Do Something Different

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We’re at Week 8 already!  Only 1 month left in our 12 Week Tone Up Challenge; who’s seeing or feeling results??  Changing bad habits can be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding, things you can do.  Every day you replace a negative action (i.e. eating body weight in Ben & Jerry’s) with a positive one (i.e. waking up early and exercising) is one day closer to your best body and, more importantly, a healthier lifestyle.  Even if I’ve got a few extra pounds on me, healthy habits make me so much more efficient at everything I do!
I’m excited for this week…


Do Something Different!


This week’s challenge allows for a lot more freedom than in past weeks, but it’s still super important.  Think about all the healthy habits you’ve acquired lately and what has and has not worked for you.  Then change one.  Was our water drinking week a total fail for you?  Then this week try trading out some soda for juice or herbal tea.  How about waking up early?  Were you a tad overly ambitious in thinking you could wake at dawn?  Then try getting up just 20 minutes early for some jumping jacks and crunches. 

The hardest part about any challenge or life-changing habit is always the START!  So change it up.  No one says you have to run if just the thought of it give you hives!  And if you absolutely HATE vegetables, then just stop worrying about them for a bit and focus instead on eating fewer refined flours and sugars.  Every little bit helps! 

My “something different” this week will be in regards to exercise.  I’m getting a little tired of my online videos so it’s time for me to get outside before the summer hits us.  I’m just going to do whatever sounds fun each morning; and some days I just plan on playing on the trampoline with my kids (that alone is a workout!!). 


What about you guys??  What do you plan on changing in your approach to healthy living this week? 

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    May 3, 2016 at 9:06 am

    I was doing pretty well and then I got derailed by an upper respiratory infection, boo!! It’s mostly cleared up now so I can get back to the exercising and moving more. My goal for the 12 weeks was to lost 10 pounds and I’ve lost about 3.5 so far so not too bad.

    The week I’ve had the hardest time with by far was Week 1, cutting out sugar. I tried and tried and I just couldn’t do it. I would end up eating more than usual because I wasn’t supposed to do it so if I started, I ate more than I would normally. So this week, instead of saying I won’t eat any, I will eat in great moderation. I’ll also try to substitute a natural sugar for processed- an orange for a candy bar, etc…

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      May 3, 2016 at 10:47 am

      Yay! Good job Erika! I think that’s a great goal regarding sugar…I tend to be the same way. If I decide to cut something out entirely, I just want it more! At least we’ve figured out our weaknesses! My goal is to only eat sweet on weekends. Maybe that will keep me from eating cookies for lunch when no one’s looking 🙂

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