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I was just dying over this whole outfit when I spotted the chambray skirt in Nordstrom’s last catalog.  This bad boy was worth taking all my children with me to the mall to get my hands on it.  (Picture: me, checking out in a fancy department store while 2 year old Vivian, who insisted on wearing nothing but a Tinkerbell swimsuit to the mall, adamantly insists on trying to ride the escalator down. By herself.  Some middle-aged Nordstrom employee nearly had a coronary blockading the way and passionately informing me that my child was moments from certain death.)  Looking forward to wearing this flowy skirt with pretty much everything this summer!


Anthropologie necklaces are always calling my name when I step in the store, but this one was the perfect turquoise pendant I’d been hunting for.  Alas, I was righteous and waited until it was on sale.  It definitely doesn’t disappoint and goes with everything!





Is it obvious a 6-year-old took this picture? No?

I got the necklace on Saturday, wore it Sunday and then again on Monday.  How’s that for driving down that cost-per-wear?  Which brings me to the skirt and shoes…

That Forever 21 has done it again!  This fun rust skirt and d’orsay flats are some of my absolute faves this summer.  The shoes are still available here along with TONS of other adorable ankle strap options.

If you haven’t yet tried shoes at F21, don’t wait any longer!  Cheap, adorable and a huge selection.  Their midi skirt options are plentiful too (see them all here) and I’m ecstatic over all the longer length skirts available this summer!  Finally!


Bright tomato is my color obsession this season and I keep seeing tops like this one everywhere.  Have yet to choose one to add the wardrobe line-up but can’t you just see the possibilities?  Match it with army green, a neutral or something bold like a purple!

Last but not least, remember this tutorial for the striped, pleated anthro knock-off skirt?  Well F21 has one too!

Two cheers for cheap fashion!

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