In Praise of Boring Moms


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You know how all the “other” moms are always doing fun arts and crafts with their kids (clean floors be darned) and playing board games and giving their kids undivided attention for hours at a time??  Anyone else feel bad that they don’t have the time (or, ahem, even desire) to play with their kids all day long?

You’re not alone! Today’s video talks all about this mom-guilt that we can just sweep right under the rug.  Kids don’t NEED Mom and Dad to be right by their side every second of the day (or even MOST of the seconds of every day).  A little one on one time is plenty to raise healthy, happy contributing members of society.  Don’t even sweat it, girl.

The next time you’re going crazy and just need to escape to go eat a sandwich somwhere alone, DO IT.  Just remember – you’re raising independent thinkers with great imaginations!

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