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Jumpsuits are still going strong this season and culotte versions are popping up everywhere!
Try your hand at making an easy one with this DIY project.
I am mildly obsessed with culottes.  I loved them the first time they came around in the ’90’s and I love them even more now!  They’re the perfect hot-weather staple because they let air circulate around your bottom half without exposing everything.

When I spotted (ha!  See what I did there?) this polka-dot culotte jumpsuit during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I decided I needed to try my hand at making my own!  I wanted it to be an easy project with a simple construction, and this pull-on style with no closures fit the bill.

I really love how it turned out and it’s become one of my favorite summer go-to pieces with a white tee and colorful accessories (see widget below for links to similar bag and shoes).

I’ve included a graphic with the measurements I used to draft my own jumpsuit and it would probably fit sizes 6-10.  Just cinch your elastic tighter or looser to fit your waist!  You’ll also need a pair of loose-fitting pants to trace the crotch curve for your jumpsuit.

3 yards rayon (or other flowy dress weight fabric) I used THIS rayon, but this one is still in stock.
1 yard 1″elastic
coordinating thread

1. Cut out 2 bodice front pieces and 2 bodice back pieces.  I recommend first cutting out pattern pieces out of paper to the above measurements and then cutting them out of fabric.  The curve on the front of the bodice doesn’t have to be anything exact, I just pinned the fabric to my dress form and cut it to a nice looking shape.

2.  Create (4) 1″ darts onthe bodice front: two on each side of the bodice and two on the top curve of the bodice.  Darts should be pointing to the center of the breast and almost meet in the center of the bodice.  You also might need to fool aroud with these a bit until you get a good fit for your bust.  Be sure to create darts on both front bodice pieces (the outside and lining).

3.  Create your straps and baste them, edges aligned, to the right side of the top of these pieces (equidistant apart). If you have a particularly long torso, you might want to start with 20″ straps or longer. Be sure to try your bodice on at this point to determine placement & length are correct before proceeding since you can’t adjust your straps later!

With right sides together, sew the front bodice pieces together along the top curve (ensuring your straps are sandwiched inside between these pieces); clip curves, turn right side out and press well.  Do the same to the back bodice pieces, along the top edge.

4. Unfold the front and back bodices and sew these pieces together along the side seams, RST.  Clip at the seam joint and turn right sides out; press well.

5.  Cut out your pants pieces by first laying out a loose-fitting pair of pants (pajama pants work well for this!) and tracing the front and back crotch curves onto a piece of paper.  Then create the rest of your pattern for both the front and back pants pieces according to the measurements on the graphic above.

6. Sew the right leg front piece to the right leg back piece, RST, along the side seam and press well; repeat with left leg pieces. Turn right leg inside out and left leg right side out.  Insert right leg into left leg so that right sides are together and side seams match up.  Pin crotch curves together and stitch.  Clip curve and turn right side out; press well.

7.  With pants inside out and bodice right side out, insert bodice into pants, right sides together, side seams aligned and fronts/backs matching up.  Baste bodice to pants along raw edges and try your jumpsuit on.  (You can determine whether or not to take more fabric out of your inseam at this point, based on how much excess fabric length you have in your inseam.).  If the inseam length is correct, turn jumpsuit inside out again and stitch together.  Then stitch again, 1.5″ inside the first line of stitching to create your elastic casing, leaving casing open 2″.  Insert elastic into casing and adjust length of elastic so that it fits your waist well.  Stitch ends of elastic together and then stitch casing opening closed.

Optional: You can fold your casing down towards the pants and stitch the loose edge of your casing to the jumpsuit exterior.  This will prevent your casing from flipping up and down while you wear it.

Voila!  Go prance around in your clown-like jumpsuit 😉 and admire your fabulously comfy creation!

Photo credit: Let Me See You a Sparkle Photography

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