Oversized Tops: Spring Must-Have

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I know using the term “must-have” in a fashion post can be annoying…after all, who the heck am I that I’m walking around telling people what they “MUST have”?  I mean, when most of us have closets full of perfectly good stuff, isn’t the idea that we “need” any particular article of clothing kind of silly?

Totally.  But I also get that lots of mamas want (maybe even NEED!) to feel better about themselves and dressing better is a really simple way to do that!  If you’re looking for a wardrobe update this Spring and Summer (but still don’t want to put any more effort into getting ready than is absolutely necessary) this post is for you!


Are you ready for the #1 thing to buy (make, thrift or steal – ha!) this season?

The over-sized T-shirt.

That’s right…a tee-shirt!  Hurray for simple fashion!


And if you’ve got any areas up top that you’re looking to draw attention away from, what better way than a super slouchy top??  In fact, the bigger the better with this trend!  Just remember a few things:

*Keep the bottoms fairly streamlined to avoid bulk.  I like skinny jeans or a pencil skirt…but flared jeans and shorts work well too.  If you don’t go too big in the shirt, you can even try wide-leg/palazzo pants too (as seen in this Capsule Wardrobe post!)

*Remember to half-tuck!  Unless you’re wearing your big shirt with leggings, you’ll want to tuck the front or a corner in to avoid looking like you’re wearing your pajama top (but no judging here)

*Watch out for baggy necklines – it can be tricky to find one that won’t flash everything when you bend over.  Unless you’re into that, of course.  And in that case, I bet you’ve got a much better looking chest than I do.


I found this top at H&M (it’s not online) but I also love lots from Old Navy this season!  This one is my latest favorite – I have several colors and you may have seen it in this Instagram picture.



These pants (love all the mid-rise Rockstars) are also my latest faves and I can’t believe how easy it is to walk in these amazing platforms!  Long live the ’70’s!  And comfy fashion!

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