Father’s Day & Summer Gifts


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Got a man to buy for this summer?
Check out some favorite warm weather gifts perfect for any dad, son, brother or uncle!

In our family. we have both Father’s Day coming up this weekend as well as a dad with a summer birthday to buy for. There’s always so much fun going on in the summer that most of our gifts for Luke tend to revolve around parties, grilling, camping and vacations. So today I’ve got a roundup of some of our favorite gifts for Dad or any other guy who needs a gift sometime during the warmer months.

  1. Grilling supplies: This is one of our favorite genres of gifts for Luke and in the end, these benefit us all when he decides to throw steak on for dinner! Pictured above are CharMats which are silicone rubber mats designed to hold tools and food when you’re cooking, keeping your grill clean and scratch free. A friend of ours is the inventor and we think they’re pretty great!
    Get them HERE. We also love a great set of grill tools. We have about a billion but Luke’s favorite came in a cute (er, rugged and manly) box with everything you need to clean and cook on your grill! Check it out HERE.

    Add a masculine apron for a well-rounded gift that’ll make your outdoor cook super happy. This one in particular cracks me up! With room for beverages, condiments and who knows what else, it’s as practical as it is manly. Ha ha!

  2. Camping supplies: Luke is a scout leader so he’s always going camping and has quite the arsenal of outdoor shtuff.If you’ve ever tried to pee outside in the dark, you know how invauable a great lantern is! This one is amazing; it’s also a speaker, rechargeable and can can be hung inside a tent.

    Luke is obsessed with this camping table.! It’s got a plastic side for preparing food and a metal grill for hanging things from or using a stove or dutch oven on. Never make your food in the dirt again![spacer height=”20px”]Ok, for the record, I am NOT a camper. Too many bad memories of getting stuck in the rain with a terrible tent. But this one is the grand daddy of all tents. I set this sucker up by myself in less than 5 minutes the first time, no lie. A worthwhile investment, but if it’s too pricey or big for your taste, this little one is a good alternative.

  3. Water toys: If you’re headed to the pool or lake this summer, these are great to bring along!Luke’s parents have a couple of these pool loungers and they are SO comfy! The kids are constantly fighting over who gets to relax in them. Plus an inflatable, floating cooler. Need I say more?? A pack of plastic playing cards are also totally waterproof and great for playing on a boat on while floating on those loungers.
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