DIY Wraparound Towel


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This easy sewing tutorial is a great gift for all the swim loving kids in your life! With just a store bought towel, some elastic and Velcro, you can whip up a great hands-free DIY towel for your little ones.

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And now, on to our tutorial!

My girls are constantly using towels, sheets or any scrap of fabric they can find to wrap around themselves and pretend they’re princesses (Moana-style). So this towel idea is perfect for the little girls in your lives, as well as for any boys who think towels are optional when walking to and from the bathroom (ew).  You can even make a bigger version for all you grown ups who’d like just a teensy bit more privacy in your post-shower moments.  (Seriously, children!!)

So, let’s get making!


1 large bath-sized towel (mine measured about 30″ x 60″)
20-30″ of 1″ elastic
1-2 pieces of velcro (both sides)
coordinating thread

**A note about fit: My twins are skinny and I wanted to get 2 wraparound towels out of each bath towel so ours only overlap edges by a few inches.  My girls actually really like how they show some leg through the slit when they walk (ha!), but if you want more coverage/overlap out of yours, just cut your towels a little wider than shown below.  This tutorial shows how to make a towel that measures 28″ long by 24″ wide.

  1.  Fold your towel in half widthwise and cut along the fold.  (If you want your towel wider than this, simply cut down the towel by less than half.)
  2.  Turn your towel 90 degrees and fold over the top edge by 3.5″, then cut along this fold (this measurement determines length so cut more or less depending on your desired length).

  3.  Fold over the towel’s edge (that you cut in step 2) by about 1.5″ and stitch close to raw edge, all the way across the top of the towel.  I made sure to finish the raw edges of my towel before sewing together because terry cloth frays pretty badly (a zigzag stitch works fine for this).

  4.  Measure your model’s chest and then cut your elastic to this measurement (ours was 23″).  Slip a safety pin into the edge of the elastic and thread it through the casing you sewed in step 3.

  5.  Pull until the opposite edge of your elastic is flush with the edge of the towel and stitch through both edges of the towel and elastic.  I used a zig zag stitch here for extra security.

  6.  Fit the towel to your model and continue pulling the elastic/safety pin out of the towel until desired tension is achieved.  Then stitch through this edge of the towel, closing the casing and securing the elastic.  Cut off remaining elastic.
  7.  Finally, sew one  piece of velcro onto each top edge of the towel, right on top of the elastic. Be sure that you sew one piece of velcro on the inside of the towel and the other piece on the outside so that they adhere when the towel is wrapped around.  If you ended up with more overlap than we did, sew your velcro farther in on the towel instead of right on the edge.

And that’s it! A perfect post-bath towel or cover-up for the pool.

Don’t forget to grab a bottle of sulfate free all® fresh clean ESSENTIALS® to wash your cute new towels with. And also try sulfate free AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner, both at Walmart!

 Find the tutorial for the leotard/swimsuit Kira (on the right) is wearing HERE.

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