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Hey all! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve been seeing some fun updates from our recent trip to France! Now, before you wonder what sort of hateful person I’ve become, jet-setting off to Europe like a carefree DINK instead of wiping multiple poopy butts like I’m supposed to be doing, let me explain.

Luke’s dad’s company (where Luke works) is a travel agency for performance groups, so every other year, his dad puts together tours to some fun, historical and cultural locale (usually Europe) and invites friends and family to come along. This may or may not have a little something to do with the timing of our children’s births (i.e. in the summer, on the off years). Heh heh.


We hit up Normandy and Omaha beach first…very moving being in the American cemetery there and a stop I highly recommend!


We also got a day and a half in Paris to see the usual stuff including the Louvre. Definitely not enough time for Paris but we’d been there before and so I was OK with just a little refresher of that amazing city.










Once we hit the southern coast, the real fun began! None of us in the group (there were 35 of us) had ever been there before and we all loved it! We showed up in Nice just 2 days after the terrorist attack on Bastille Day which was just awful.

We were, of course, so grateful that we hadn’t showed up just a few days earlier, but seeing the aftermath was heartbreaking. Policemen and big guns everywhere, news trucks and memorials placed up and down the promenade (the boardwalk right along the beach and 2 blocks from our hotel).

While staying in Nice, we also drove up the coast towards Monaco and saw some incredible sights, including villas and yachts of the uber wealthy. I’m not talking celebrity-wealth, I’m talking ridiculously stupid, rule-the-world wealth. The most expensive house (can it be called that?) in the world is located along this coast, and last sold for 500 MILLION dollars. Doh.

All in all it was an amazing trip though! Leaving the babes for 10 days is always hard, (especially the coming back adjustment! Why are my children so LOUD??) but I think trips away help me appreciate them more.

I’ve got LOTS more pictures which hopefully I’ll get around to posting soon!

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