Easiest Swimsuit Cover-Up

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Up your pool style quotient this summer with this super easy swimsuit cover-up!

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I’ve got a super easy tutorial for you guys today! This super cute and simple swimsuit coverup is my new favorite project.  If you’ve got a yard of fabric and 20 minutes, you’re well on your way!

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I found this cute open weave fabric at my local discount fabric shop but any lace would work just as well.

First, I folded my fabric piece in half widthwise and cut along the fold.  Then I cut out a neckline along the side I just cut (I made mine a little wide so I can wear it off the shoulders if I want), and sewed the pieces back together along both shoulders.  Then I hemmed the neckline with a baby hem so that it looked a little neater.

IMG_9529 (2)

At this point I tried it on to see if I liked the length…mine ended up being a little long so I trimmed it to about mid-thigh.

Lastly, I stitched the front and back pieces together underneath my arms on both sides: I began sewing about 9 inches below the shoulder seams, (and about 5″ in from the side raw edge) and sewed all the way to the bottom hem.  This seam can really be placed wherever you like, but these are the measurements that worked for me.

Because my fabric didn’t have a distinct right and wrong side, I didn’t worry about my pieces being right sides together, but if it does matter on your fabric, then sew the shoulder seams right sides together, and the side seams wrong sides together.

Essentially you end up with s big rectangle caftan with a neck cut out and two quick side seams.  That’s it!

IMG_9527 (2)

I left my side and bottom edges raw because this fabric doesn’t unravel and I’m lazy!  Easy peasy and a great payoff.

IMG_9541 (2)

I hope you liked this tutorial…check out some other simple projects under my Tutorials menu!

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