What to Expect The First 6 Months

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Curious about what the first 6 months of your baby’s life will bring?
Make sure you’re prepared for all those big milestones!
This post was created in partnership with Comforts™ diapers.  All opinions are my own.

Wanna know a secret? If you wanna know which of your baby’s stages will be your favorite, it’s usually the stage your baby is currently in! It’s just too easy to fall in love with the coos and the new words and crawling and whatever else they’re throwing at you.

Ok, I guess I could probably do without some of the naughtiness of the two-year-olds I’ve raised, but we’re all absolutely taken by Alice and the first half of her first year!

In the interest of full disclosure, she’s actually 7 months now, but I have 8 children to keep alive.  It’s not really news that I’m late at everything.

The first 6 months of life are such a fun thing to witness and I wanted to talk about my tips for enjoying the milestones and lessening the torment of sleepless nights and other struggles with a wee babe!  (If you’re still having troubles getting baby to sleep all night, be sure to read this post!)

Read on for these as well as some of my favorite products for making the first few months easy, including these Comforts™ diapers which have all kinds of great features, like cute prints and a really soft outer cover. (Click here for coupons!)

Isn’t it amazing how alert and smiley and active Alice is after only being on the earth for 7 months?  To go from this lethargic little nugget to a squirmy, laughing ball of chub is just amazing to witness.  So if you’re a new mama, prepare for things to change quickly!  Which means take oodles of pictures (as if I had to remind any mom to take pics) and video too.  I love watching my babies’ stages change through home video.

But all these quick changes also mean that the cranky, really hard phases never last long.  It’s true!  If you’ve got a fussy, colicky baby, take heart that in a few months, things will be totally different and probably WAY better.  I also realize that the word “months” might as well be “eternities” to a mom of a colicky babe but the years truly are short, even while the days sometimes feel neverending.

During those first fun months, get ready to see your baby’s personality shine through.  I think there’s a reason that one of baby’s first big milestones is to smile, right around 6 weeks.  It’s just such a gloriously welcome sight after weeks of sleepless nights, sore bosoms and wondering if this whole baby thing is actually all that it’s cracked up to be!

Alice has started giggling every time we tickle her belly and it’s killing me of cuteness!!  I seriously think little baby giggles are the stuff heaven is made of. Every time she makes a mental connection through tickle time or peek-a-boo, I know her amazing little brain is strengthening and creating more neural pathways; it’s a miracle to witness!

Ok, you ready for the best part about having those first 6 months behind you? SLEEP!  That’s right, baby can (and should!) be getting 8-10 hours at night and their little tummies are big enough to not need a feeding at night as well.  Let me hear a “holla” for that whopper of a milestone!

Now let’s talk reality: sleep training takes some effort (both physical and emotional) and sometimes you just don’t have it in you.  Alice still often wakes up sometime during the night and it’s just easier for me to nurse her back to sleep than to do the sleep training thing (patting her and comforting her back to sleep so she knows she won’t get fed).  I was a sleep training professional for those first 3 kids, but now, 5 kids later, I’m often more tired than I knew was ever possible and I’ve gotten lazy.  I just wanted to put that in there so that if you’re baby’s still waking up and you don’t mind it, then don’t stress!  If it is driving you crazy, then just know that baby is just fine all night without some milk.  It’s up to you, mama!

I’ve never been one to change my babies in the middle of the night unless they poop, so I’m a fan of Comforts™ diapers streamlined silhouette that absorbs a ton without being bulky.  It also has a wetness indicator in all sizes (not just in newborn size like some brands) which is so helpful for telling if Alice needs a change at a glance.
A dry baby is a happy (sleeping) baby!

Just the other day, Alice had her first tooth pop through!  Most of my kids have teethed much earlier than this but it’s just nice to know she won’t have teething misery forever.  My favorite way to alleviate this is to buy baby toys that are easy for her to gnaw on, and then stick them in the freezer for a little bit.  The cold seems to help her sore gums and chewing on anything makes her so happy and occupied!  There are also lots of baby-friendly crackers on the market for baby to gum.  Most of them make a HUGE mess, but sometimes it’s worth it for a happy baby.

And lastly, the sitting and moving milestones are just too cute.  It can be pretty weary to have to haul your baby around all day to keep her happy (that’s why I love wearing her in a wrap!), so when Alice learned to sit assisted, I felt this huge load lifted!  I could plop her down on the carpet between some pillows and with a few toys and actually shower or help the other kids with stuff.

And now she sits without support, leans forward and almost makes it into a crawling position, and lifts herself onto her hands and knees from her belly.  She has a super strong back and so I know she’ll be scooting and crawling soon.  Some comfy onesies and leggings are my favorite outfit must-haves for this stage.  Just be sure to buy dark colors because their little knees essentially turn into little mops 🙂

It’s such a miraculous blessing to watch these little humans go from helpless bundles to full-grown, running, screaming kids (see big sisters in pics) and we’re so lucky to go along for the ride!

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