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Carrying around a tiny human inside you can cause countless aches and pains… but some of it can be avoided! Try these two super easy stretches for alleviating pregnancy back pain, especially in the lower back.

The list of maladies we women often endure during pregnancy could fill a couple of books! But there is some relief in sight, at least for some of it. I’ve collected a handful of tools for feeling better throughout the past 9 pregnancies and today’s video will show you my two favorites!

My biggest pain point (literally) during pregnancy is always sharp, low back pain. It feels like nerves being pinched and usually runs into my pelvis/butt and down one or both legs. When it gets bad enough, I can hardly stand up! I knew I needed to find a solution during my 3rd pregnancy and my midwife gave me these two stretches to try.

I was amazed that after just a week of doing them for a few minutes each, morning and night, the pain went almost completely away! It’s continued to work, any time this pain flares up when I’m pregnant, usually sometime in my late second or early third trimester. I don’t know if it will work for everyone but I hope they help some of you because back pain can be torture!

A few notes – if your pain is particularly bad, you might have to try these for several days or weeks before seeing relief. Then once you’re feeling better, don’t stop doing them! If you stay on top of these stretches, you should be able to keep the majority of lower back pain at bay. If you’re feeling particularly tight, you could try a warm compress or rice bag on your lower back before doing these.

Best of luck, mamas!


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