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After having lots of babies (and more babies!) over the last 14 years, we know exactly what baby products are and are NOT worth spending money on. Watch the video below to learn about my favorite must-have baby products and how to have a baby on a budget!

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Due to popular demand, I’ve filmed the list of baby products that I recommend and use after over fourteen YEARS of buying, storing and using baby stuff! There is SO. MUCH. STUFF. out there and it can be really easy to get sucked into thinking you need all the things for your new baby.

That’s just not true! No one should think that they need thousands of dollars to invest in baby gear before getting pregnant or adopting a baby into your home. You can buy all the stuff, if that’s your jam, but you can also just grab a few, affordable essentials to make your life easier and you’ll enjoy having a baby just as much as someone with tons of money to blow!

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In the video below, I’ll tell you what I love, what I sometimes used, what I skipped and why. Below the video, take a look at the list and links of all my favorites but feel free to shop around. I’m including this list just for ease of finding the things I’m talking about, but again, don’t feel like you need to buy any of these things if you don’t have the money or simply want to wait and see if you’ll use them. There ARE ways to have a baby on a budget!

And if you’re looking for more ways to save money as a parent, catch our “How to Afford Kids” Podcast episode!

Rocking Bassinet or Side Sleeper
Modern Crib (with storage!)
Chicco Infant Car Seat
Solly Baby Wrap (and a more affordable version)
Ring Sling
Ergo Baby (and the 360 version)
Stroller: Single stroller, Snap & Go (to attach infant carseat) and the BEST double stroller!
Glider (and Glider Recliner)
Baby Swing
Baby Jumper
Bouncy Seat
White Noise machine: affordable & the Cadillac version!
Breast Pump
High Chair to attach to table
Baby Monitor
Baby Tub: Puj tub, Plastic molded with sling, inflatable tub
Onesies & Sleepers
Swaddle blankets and velcro version
Contoured Changing Pad & Dresser Frame
Portable Crib plus an awesome backpack version

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