2023 Wiscombe Highlights


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Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe that this year’s holiday highlights include the news that our oldest child, Liam, is leaving for a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In fact, by the time you read this, he’ll probably be somewhere between the Missionary Training Center in Utah and the actual mission field in Oregon.

It’s hard to express what it’s like sending your first big, grown up baby out into the world. There’s all this excitement for him, lots of pride at what a great kid he is, some anxiety about if he’s ready to live on his own, and plenty of sadness as we encounter this new phase of watching our sweet children begin to leave home.

Liam has always been a great sport about being our first guinea pig. He’s endured MANY years of a mom who was stressed out, overwhelmed, exceedingly pregnant and always sleep deprived. We’re so amazed at the talented, funny, smart and capable young man that he’s become.

If you want to keep apprised of Liam’s mission updates, you can write him at liam.wiscombe@missionary.org.

Keep scrolling for more updates and way more family pictures than you ever wanted to see. 😉

Luke continues to work at the Wiscombe family business, sending people all over the world to share their musical talents. Part of that job has always included leaving me home with all these loud children while he jet sets off to Europe multiple times a year. As always, I try not to hold it against him.

I continue to build my life coaching business, where I help other coaches and course creators launch their own businesses. This year I also started Burning Brightly, a podcast for Christian mom entrepreneurs.

The biggest change for me professionally in 2023 has been wrapping up Outnumbered the Podcast after almost 5 years and 250+ episodes. My co-host Audrey and I have made the difficult decision to end the show as we both feel called to explore new opportunities. It’s been an amazing ride!

The girls stay busy with a combination of competitive dance, soccer, piano and making friendship bracelets with neighbor friends. The highlight of the year for them all was moving the little girls out of the room they’ve all shared for 2 years and taking over Liam’s room after he left for his mission. (Note: they had his room gutted before his plane even took off. Ruthless!).

Everyone’s favorite child is, obviously, baby Brynn who at 2 1/2 years old says only a single word (mama) and that only with lots of coaxing. She’s got oodles of ventriloquists at her disposal… why waste time with words?

Now that Liam is off to serve the good people of Oregon, Toby is our only driver and it appears the thrill is wearing off as I order him all over town running my errands and giving kids rides. Finn has also enjoyed lots of soccer this year and Dean’s raspy adorable voice keeps us all in stitches.

Dean and Brynn are the best of buddies and anytime one of them is hurt, the other runs over and gives an enormous, comforting hug. Who can stay sad after that??

We are incredibly grateful for another year full of good health, hilarious antics and, of course, the comfort of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give tribute to Him for all that we hold dear, and lean on Him in times of trial and sorrow.

May Christ comfort you and your family throughout this Christmas season and the year to come!

Love, Luke, Bonnie, Liam, Toby, Juliet, Vivian, Kira, Finn, Marilyn, Alice, Dean & Brynn.

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