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I’ll admit, the run is my favorite part of a tri but when your legs are complete Jell-O and you feel like you’re going into cardiac arrest then a good playlist can do wonders.  Here I’m listening to Pharrell Williams’s “Happy”, which is why I’m smiling and not swearing.
I competed in my 4th triathlon about a week ago and it was a total party!  Evidently I’ve become one of those people of questionable mental stability who enjoys sweating and making a fool of myself in front of hundreds of people while wearing spandex.  I don’t know why it’s so addicting but, hot dang, I’m loving these!
image (4)My places and times for each portion of the race.
My swim and run times were surprisingly fast considering the amount of time I’d been training (i.e. not a lot).  The bike killed me (yet again) because I have a ghetto old road bike I bought at a garage sale.  But I got 5th place in my age division (30-40, I think) and 23rd overall (out of 150-something people).  It was a shorter sprint triathlon than usual:  300m swim, 8.4mi bike and 2 mi run and I liked that just fine!
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Me and my best triathlon buddy, Tammy.  Not only does she keep me accountable when training on the bike (not my favorite) but she’s hilarious and irreverent whenever we need some comic relief.
I’m considering doing a “triathlon for dummies” series chronicling some of my favorite tips as a beginner.  I was mostly afraid of what I didn’t know! 
So…stay tuned!

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