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Having a baby is a drastic life alteration. You will no longer have just your self to think about but another tiny human too! Bringing a baby into the world is a very special moment but it can also be a daunting one, especially if it’s your first time! There’s so much to prepare for and so much to learn, it can often be a little overwhelming. From choosing the best baby swing to changing tables and everything in between, there’s a lot to get ready whilst your baby is growing. However, a lot of women also feel overwhelmed by all the pregnancy changes their body’s going through. It’s no surprise there will be changes but making sure you still feel confident should be a priorty.
Get a headstart on a great maternity wardrobe with these 5 fashion essentials!

I’m a HUGE fan of changes, goals and fresh starts so the new year is one of my favorite times!

I also love making lists for everything and fashion is no exception. I find that I shop much more intentionally and purposefully when I know exactly what my closet needs and what I should look for.

Today I’ve got a list of my 5 favorite maternity fashion essentials to keep you covered and comfortable for the entire 9 months. Pregnancy is a great time to experiment with a capsule wardrobe because it can be more difficult to find things that fit, and because you only have to dress your cute bump for less than a year!

  1. Leggings: Find yourself 2-3 pairs of comfy, stretchy leggings and they’ll be wardrobe staples until (and after!) your sweet baby is born. My favorite non-maternity versions are the BP leggings pictured here (available in 3 colors) as well as this pair of black Zella leggings. I’m absolutely in love with these Ingrid & Isabel maternity ones…I want to live in them! The great thing about leggings is that you can often wear non-maternity versions and they’re great for pairing with your non-maternity tunics and dresses as well.
  2. Knit Dresses:
    If you find yourself pregnant during the warmer months of the year or live in a temperate climate, knit dresses will be your best friend! They’re stretchy, flattering and you just can’t beat one step dressing. This lace up Topshop dress is on regular rotation over here and here’s a link to lots more maternity options. If you’re concerned about camouflaging lumps and bumps, read on for my last maternity essential.
  3. High Quality Maternity Denim:
    It can be hard to justify spending a chunk of change on pants that you’ll only wear for 9 months but hear me out! If there’s one time in your life you want clothes to fit well and be comfortable, pregnancy is the time. Premium denim (like these amazing Madewell jeans) will give you a better fit and do a much better job of stretching with you during your 9 month adventure.And if you’re planning on having any more children, you’ll wear a great pair of jeans into the ground.Finally, a good stretchy waistband will be worth its weight in gold in the 4th trimester when your waistline is nowhere in sight but you still want to look and feel good.

  4. Lightweight outerwear:
    Long cardigans and vests are my secret weapon this pregnancy! They help stretch a capsule wardrobe by adding a cute layering option to just about any outfit and they cover any squishy bits around your hips or bottom. The black cardigan pictured above is a ridiculously comfortable fleece version – I wear it almost every day (plus it’s on sale!).
  5. Knit Pencil Skirts:
    Again, knit anything is key during pregnancy. I love any excuse to look a little bit nicer when hauling around a big baby bump and elastic waistbands are the only way to go. I’ve never worn maternity versions, I usually just size up skirts like these for pregnancy.If I had to add one more important essential it would be over-the-belly underwear! (You can thank me later for not taking a picture of this one for you). I know they look and even feel kinda silly, but they are THE best way to keep any lumps and bumps all smoothed out. I never wear a fitted dress in pregnancy without these!
    Good luck shopping for this exciting time in your life; embrace your changing shape and enjoy growing your little munchkin!
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