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I’ve always been mildly addicted to getting the best deal (can it still be considered a mild addiction if I’ve been known to check a website obsessively for weeks on end until my favorite dress goes on sale??) but I’ve also realized that there are few items that are worth investing in.  Jeans are at the top of this list for a few very important reasons: fit, fabric and longevity.

FIT: If you’re the sort of person who can grab a pair of jeans off a rack and have them fit perfectly without trying them on, then…well, I think we probably can’t be friends anymore.  JK! But seriously, I don’t think you exist.  There are about a million different styles in almost as many brands so finding the perfect fit can almost drive a person crazy.  Premium denim is a lot more likely to fit correctly right off the rack since the nicer brands use real-life fit models (instead of just measurements or mannequins) and they cut in smaller batches, etc.


FABRIC: Have you ever found the perfect pair of jeans only to have them start to sag and bag out terribly after a couple wears?  So disappointing, right?? When I spend a little more on my jeans, I find that the fabric holds its shape much better, the stretch stays in place and the dye doesn’t wear off as easily.  Because all blue denim is dyed, there is usually some fading and possibly color transfer at the beginning but premium denim will hold its color a lot longer!



LONGEVITY: If I’m going to spend decent money on an article of clothing, then my one requirement is that it last forever!  And higher-end denim promises to do just that.  Some of my favorite brands for longevity are AG (the pair I’m wearing here are their Stevie cut that I’ve had for a few years…I hear great things about The Stilt and Legging fit as well!)  J Brand, Paige, Hudson, and Citizens of Humanity, to name a few.

Now the big question…how much to spend??  All the brands I named above run about $150-$200+ per pair.  I know that’s pricey but that doesn’t mean you have to spend that!  Here’s my favorite tip: head to your local high-end department store (my favorite is Nordstrom) and talk to a salesperson in the premium denim department.  Explain your body shape, fit issues and other concerns and have her help you find 2 or 3 perfect pairs for your body.  Then, write down the brand, fit and sizes of all those pairs, go home and start researching!  I keep a running list of my favorites on my Nordstrom wishlist so that I can snag them during their big sales, but eBay, Nordstrom Rack and other discount sites are a great place to look too!  With a little hunting, you can find an amazing, quality pair of denim that won’t cost you a million bucks.

Above all, though, remember that you probably wear jeans more than any other item in your whole closet.  It’s worth it to spend more on them than on anything else.  If you pay $150 and wear them 3 times a week for a year, it ends up only being $1 per wear!  And with proper care, you can wear them for years and years.

This last shot had to happen because I ran into a bathroom that matched my shoes exactly!!  Yes, I totally laid on a gross bathroom floor to do this.  Anything for the shot!  Haha.

AG Stevie Jeans (in my experience, these run slightly small)
New Balance sneakers (these are on sale and I love them!!)
White lacy top (similar here and here and lots of options here)
Michael Kors Watch

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