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Have you ever wanted to hop on the jumpsuit bandwagon but worried about fit or getting one that’s just right? Well, how about sewing a jumpsuit? With the right pattern, and a comfy, flowy rayon, you can’t go wrong. Here are the details on how to sew a winning one-piece jumpsuit.

If I could only sew one thing for the rest of my life, it would almost certainly be dresses. I love one-step dressing and the flexibility of choosing a style with the perfect amount of coverage!

However, if you’re not making a dress, the next best thing is a jumpsuit. Now, I understand the mixed feelings towards jumpsuits and rompers; they’re definitely a trendy clothing piece that won’t be around forever and they do make using the facilities a tad trickier than with a dress or separates.

BUT, I just can’t help but love them. You still get the ease of grabbing one thing from your closet and throwing it on, there’s no tucking or belts or waist-pinching buttons. You can get on the floor to play with your kids, unlike in a dress, and if you use a flowy rayon or a cozy jersey, it basically feels like you’re wearing pajamas all day long!”

If you’re still skeptical, just give them a try. This pattern in particular is super simple to throw together and you can, of course, get a perfectly custom fit if you’re making your own.

I really only made one slight fit adjustment to the pattern; it’s designed with a dropped waist which I really dislike the feel of, so I added about 2 inches to the top of the pants, and took off about an inch from the bottom of the bodice (I’m a bit long waisted, which is why I only took off 1”). You’ll want to do something similar if you’d rather have the elastic hit at your natural waist. I always err on the side of adding more fabric in this area, and then I baste it together to check the fit and cut off whatever I don’t need later.

And don’t forget to mark your pattern envelope with notes about the alterations you made! Don’t make the same mistake twice like I did. 🙂

Pattern details: McCall’s 7203
Fabric purchased locally but I love this one and this one from Rifle Paper Co!

So what’s your take on jumpsuits? Would you sew and/or wear one??

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