Defending Our Homes from Pornography: Interview with Kristen Jenson


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I’ve spoken about how to protect kids from pornography before but I’ll say it again: we have to fight against this filth before it ends up in our children’s minds! Today’s video is an awesome and informative interview with author Kristen Jenson regarding these dangers and what we can do to be informed and proactive.

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Hey guys! I’m back talking about a less-than-fun topic but one that’s SO important in raising our children in an information-saturated age: how to protect kids from pornography.

If you read this post already, you know that I’m passionate about teaching both parents and kids how toxic this stuff is and to watch out for it everywhere. But it can be really difficult to bring up a subject like this for the first time with your kids.

I recently got my hands on a copy of Good Pictures, Bad Pictures (and the Jr. equivalent for kids ages 3-7) and just LOVE them! I’d heard about these books before and they really live up to the hype. When I got the chance to interview the author, Kristen Jenson, I jumped at the chance to have an expert talk to us about her books and what more we can do to defend our homes.

I turned the interview into a video (you’ll also hear the voice of Audrey, my podcast co-host who wanted to be a part of the action) and you can watch it below. Please take the time to hear what this amazing author and advocate has to say and then share it with every parent you know!

You can find these informative (and entertaining) books via the links below and learn more about Kristen and her organization Protect Young Minds here.

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures (for ages 7+)
Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, Jr (for ages 3-6)

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