Podcast Episodes 4 – 6!


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Have you been listening to my motherhood podcast? Audrey and I have new episodes waiting for you: one is full of uplifting inspiration and the other 2 have some great practical advice!

The Outnumbered podcast has been an amazing labor of love the past few weeks and Audrey and I are so happy that so many of you are listening!

We launched just a month ago with our first 3 episodes and had some great feedback. We now have 3 more episodes live and wanted to make sure everyone knows what’s waiting for them!

Episode 4 is one of my favorites of all we’ve recorded so far. We’re talking about how to recognize and accept your own special brand of motherhood, even while Pinterest and the entire world are telling you that you’re not enough. This episode is for any mom who has ever wondered where her strengths lie and how to find the confidence to just BE.

Episode 5 contains oodles of practical advice for helping kids prepare for a new sibling! Audrey and I both have this on the brain as we’re expecting our new babies in the next couple months. Have a listen if there are more pregnancies or adoptions in your future or share with an expectant friend!

Episode 6 is Part 1 of our pregnancy series! We have 2 for you and this one tackles how to prepare for pregnancy, as well as how to handle the first 2 trimesters. Being pregnant is an amazing and wonderful time, but full of so many transitions and new feelings, both emotional and physical. Tune in for our best advice after going through a combined total of almost 18 pregnancies!

Lastly, we love EACH and every iTunes review! And if you leave one before the end of February, you’ll be entered into a giveaway for a $25 Amazon giftcard!

Head HERE to listen to all the episodes.

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