Happy New Year 2015 and Family Pictures


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It’s a new year!! Welcome to 2015, ya’ll!

Wiscombe Family-0028

The start of a new year is always so bittersweet for me. I love the anticipation of new experiences and change is like, my everything. But at the same time I feel nostalgia for a year already gone. Did I enjoy it enough? Did I pay enough attention to the little milestones in my and my kids’ lives that we will never pass through again? I’m often tempted to give in to my sentimental side and start a bawl-fest over all the little endings that happen regularly in my mom-life.

Wiscombe Family-0025

I wanted to share all of our family pictures from this Fall, as a fond farewell to 2014. And also, kind of like saying, “we successfully dressed and photographed 6 small children last year…BRING it, 2015!!” But then again, that may be tempting fate 😉

Wiscombe Family-0012

Wiscombe Family-0016

Wiscombe Family-0002

As much as I loathe endings to great things, there really is something special about beginnings, amiright? New books, new houses, new babies, new clothes, new city or country, new friendships…the possibilities of what the new things in our life will bring is so exciting!

I guess all that means is that we look forward to the good things with joy and gratitude and pray that we’ll have the strength to endure the bad. So much of what is good can come from those unanticipated “bad” surprises.

Wiscombe Family-0009

Wiscombe Family-0018

Wiscombe Family-0029

I also almost forgot to share my favorite Christmas video, “He is the Gift”, on the blog! Click here to see it.

This is my reminder that whatever goals or resolutions or buzz words I may have planned for this next year, becoming more like Christ should be at the center of everything I do.

Happy new beginnings!!

Pictures by Red Poppy Photo

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