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Are you taking time out of the chaos of motherhood for yourself?
Here’s why time with friends should be considered an investment in yourself!

Alright mamas, quick poll: when’s the last time you got out of the house without kids and did something with a girlfriend?  Last month? Last year?  Ten years ago??  I’ve been lucky enough to remain friends with some great college roommates and we’re often discussing how hard it is to make new friends as a mom.  This hilarious video is proof we’re not alone!

The fact of the matter is, being a mom can be incredibly tiring and isolating.  Stay-at-home moms run the risk of never interacting with an adult all day long and moms who work outside of the home are so darn exhausted they can hardly stand up at the end of the day, let alone plan a lunch date.

The factors at play in finding a suitable mom-friend are staggering: does she have a similar number of kids? Are our kids the same ages? Does she homeschool/public school/live in some weird commune??  Does she care about any of the same stuff I do? Do we have anything in common besides both being moms?

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My friend is the lovely Camille of Friday We’re In Love
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But here’s the thing: moms are still people (and pretty freaking awesome people, at that) who deserve friendships and laughter and good food and time for ourselves.  So if you’re not already doing this regularly, what are you waiting for? Yes, hanging with other moms takes time away from our families and requires some creative scheduling around school/soccer/husbands’ schedules/babysitters but I promise it is more than worth it!  YOU’RE worth it!

Need to find new friends?  Think about the places you go regularly anyway, and start hunting for friends:  the gym, your kids’ school, playground, library or church are all places moms hang out and chances are good someone else needs a friend too.  One of my best mom-friends introduced herself to me at the gym way back in 2007…and even though we’ve both moved and our lives have changed drastically, we’ve been friends ever since!

Out of money, ideas &/or time for things to do? How about bringing a friend along on the errands you have to do anyway? My most dreaded chore of grocery shopping is a riot with a friend along- especially if we stop for smoothies afterwards. Or what about signing up a child for a soccer team with your friend’s kid? Then you have someone to talk to while you watch endless drills at practice (yawn).

So tell me – do you already take time for yourself with friends?  What do you do?  I’d love more ideas since I could certainly take my own advice!





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