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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here’s a glimpse at our year, Christmas cards and more family pictures than you ever cared to see.

I hope your Christmas/Hannukkah/etc was amazing and filled with family, food and good times! We had a great time celebrating with our kids and extended family who are visiting from out of town.

We got these family pictures taken in Montana when we were visiting Luke’s sister for Thanksgiving and I just love them! The mountains and colors were gorgeous that day and it was refreshing to freeze our buns off during a photoshoot instead of sweating them off 🙂 I found our photographer (Hixson Studio) via Google and I was super impressed. He did a great job with our huge crew!

Our Christmas was on the smaller side this year, since we’re hoping to buy a new house soon and trying to save! This means that we’re currently trying to stick to a smaller budget. When you buy a house, it’s not just the cost of the house. It’s all of the fees involved from solicitors and real estate agents, and then you’ll want one of the best moving companies Winston Salem citizens have access to as well. All of these things cost money and it soon adds up! One way of saving money is to try and find a more affordable energy deal. One of our friends brought it to our attention that we may be paying too much for our energy bill, so we decided to shop around for a better deal. That was useful advice, and we’ll be doing that again when we move into our new home. My friend also told me to visit this here. That was a handy list of things that we’d need in our new house. My friend was really looking out for us there. We did still participate in Christmas gifts, but we’re just trying to not waste money. We still managed to purchase gifts for everyone, even with our smaller Christmas budget. The highlights included knock-off American Girl dolls for Juliet and the twins (we got these from Target and they’ve been great! Especially for 6 year olds who aren’t quite yet ready to care for an investment toy), a ripstick and scooter for the big boys and a few other small toys for the littlest ones. Luke also made a post-Christmas purchase of this off-road longboard because his brother bought one and they’re super fun!

The other fun gift was a secondhand sewing machine for the kids to learn on. Kira and Juliet have already made some clothes for their dolls and they’re really good at it! I just love sharing my hobbies and passions with my kids. It’s so rewarding!!

Everyone was happy and now we’re enjoying plenty of family time while Luke has the week off.

What was the biggest hit at your house Christmas morning??

I’m taking a few days off to plan for 2018 and reconfigure some blog & business priorities. I’m excited for what this new year holds!

Mostly I want to express my gratitude for my readers – every last one of you! Whether you’ve followed along for some time or just visited once or twice, I’m sincerely grateful for everyone who reads, comments, and gives feedback. There’s no blog or sewing pattern business without readers and customers and I’m SO grateful to be able to do what I love, while at home with my kids. Thank YOU!

And most of all, thanks to my Savior Jesus Christ for giving me the chance to love, serve, make mistakes and fix them every single day. I know it’s taboo to talk religion on the internet these days, but my knowledge of Christ isn’t just “religion” to me, it’s everything. I’m always open to sharing more about my beliefs and why they make me so happy, so email me if you ever have questions or want to know more.

Best wishes and love to all of you!!

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