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My baby sister had a baby!  It’s hard to believe. 
Graham Christopher Dyson. 9.7.13
She let me be there for her labor and, even though there were some hiccups during the birth, she was AMAZING.  I love how birth can be this transformative process.  It’s the refiner’s fire that turns an ordinary woman into a mother.
This is a shot taken by her birth photographer, Kelly.  She was sweet, unobtrusive and just fantastic!  Check out some of her incredible work here.
Poor Nanny ended up needing a cesarean (baby’s heart rate kept dropping…same reason I needed one with Liam, darn it!) but she’s reacovering really well.
Baby G also gave us all a little scare by aspirating meconium (newborn poop) into his lungs and spent his first couple days of life in the NICU.
We’re all so grateful that they’re finally home and doing great.
It made me realize that of all my parents’ grandkids there’s only been this one baby who’s had any serious medical issues at birth. What a blessing that we have modern medicine to help us avoid the tragedies of the generations before us.  Can you imagine living in a time when pregnancy was a potentially fatal condition??
He’s such a perfect little peanut…I love me a newborn babe!

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    Nancy Dyson
    October 1, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    I look reeeeeally good. 🙂

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