Lengthen a Short Dress


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Have you ever wanted to learn how to lengthen a dress that is too short? I’ve needed this skill on multiple occasions so I decided to make a DIY video on how to do it! It’s really very simple, especially if you don’t mind a fun color-blocked look to the hem like I did here. Watch the video below to learn how to lengthen a short dress!

Hey all! I’m constantly on the hunt for cute, comfy, everyday dressed that I can move in and that give me enough coverage. Not surprisingly, these can be very hard to find! When I stumbled upon this cute boxy T-shirt dress from Zara, I was in 7th heaven…until I realized that it was way too short for my comfort level.

Enter: some basic sewing skills and a strip of scrap fabric and voila! I’m left with the perfect stretchy dress for chasing the kids in without worrying about showing my goods.

The basic premise to this DIY is very simple: cut two strips of fabric and sew them to the front and back in order to lengthen a dress that is too short. I upped it a notch here by curving my back hem a bit and raising the sides of the hem at the knee. I felt like these design details elevated the basic silhouette a bit and didn’t really take any extra time!

Watch the video below for the full instructions and let me know if you’ve ever tried to make a too-short dress longer and how it worked out!

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