Laughs from the Littles: Twin Edition


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Having twins is a hoot.  I’m not gonna lie – sometimes the stress level makes it feel as if 1 + 1 = 7 but the hilarity usually makes up for it.  Vivian’s speech skills aren’t quite what Kira’s are but the latter has certainly come up with some gut busters lately.

While in the pool, Luke asks Kira, : “Wanna swim with me?”
Kira: “Yeah, but you got boogahs hanging outta yo’ nose.”

After a few discussions regarding where this new baby will come from…

Kira: “MOM! Wemember when I was a baby?  I drank baby milk and got in yo’ belly with Vivsy, then I came out the pink hole together with Vivsy holding hands.  And we were wearing pink heels.”
And I swear I never said anything about where the baby comes out!

She picked up the word “suspicious” from the big kids recently and so, any chance she gets, she strokes an imaginary beard and says…

“hmmmm, SUM-spicious!”

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