Infinite A-line Hack: Bias Tape Trim


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As a seamstress/sewist/sewer (whatever kids are calling us these days) I am, quite frankly, extremely lazy.  I also happen to hate making neck facings.  When creating the Infinite A-line pattern I chose to fully line the bodice because of this facing-hatred but then I’m confronted with my laziness when I have to make a lining each time I sew the dress.  Ah, the dilemma.


Therefore, one of the first pattern hacks I dreamed up for the Infinite A-line dress is one without a lining!  That’s right folks, you can cheat your way to laziness right along with me on this one.  All it takes is a 2-3 yards of bias tape.

aaIMG_1243If you’re fairly new to sewing, you might not know that there are two kinds of bias tape: single and double fold.  I actually used both kinds for this project but you really only need double fold.  Single fold has the raw edges folded in towards the center; double fold has the same and then another fold in the center, sandwiching the raw edges inside.


Here’s how to skip the lining (this will work with all dress views!): Cut out your bodice and sleeve pieces as usual.  Sew the shoulder seams, add sleeves and sew up the sides and bottom of sleeves.  Then take your bias tape and sandwich the raw edges of your neckline inside the tape.  Stitch alone the fold of the bias tape, catching the other fold as you go.

It’s good to know that double fold bias tape has one side that extends slightly past the other.  This longer side should be on the bottom of your sewing so that the stitches catch the bias tape where you can’t see it.  Once you make it all the way around, overlap the beginning raw edge of the bias tape with the end, and fold these raw edges under.

Repeat with the raw edges of your sleeves, hem and keyhole opening.  I even used a piece of bias tape as a loop for the button!  Easy peasy.


I used single fold tape for that second line of trim above the hem.  I thought the dress needed a little extra something so I just topstitched it a few inches from the edge.


Aaaand…an outtake with superhero little brother blasting his foes into oblivion.  Hey, if one kid gets to stand on a piece of furniture, you better believe there will be a couple more standing in line to do the same.



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    August 12, 2015 at 8:28 am

    So adorable!!! I love that fabric!!

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