How to Find the Best, Softest Bed Sheets

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Are you still sleeping on hand-me-down sheets or some scratchy set you found on sale at a big box store? Step up your bedroom game by buying super soft, high-quality bed sheets without spending a fortune.

Sometimes I feel like I’m a super confident, crazy smart adult who can do whatever she puts her mind to.

Other times I find myself googling “How to Boil an Egg”.

There’s no shame in admitting that none of us knows everything! Learning how to pick out the best quality bedsheets at the best price is a necessary, while an admittedly unglamorous, adult skill. So let’s get to it.

First of all, I was, until recently, a sheet noob who basically just bought whatever felt soft and didn’t cost over $50 at Target. Then, we took a summer road trip and stayed with some friends who had THE softest sheets on the planet. The minute I woke up, I had to know all about her sheet-buying strategy. It turns out, my friend used to work at a linen store so she gladly shared all her knowledge with me!

What to Look For in Sheets

  1. Thread count matters. When you see that number on the sheet package (usually somewhere between 200-1000), it means how many threads are woven into 1 square inch of fabric. Naturally, you would think that the higher the number, the better. But apparently some (sneaky) manufacturers actually inflate thread counts by twisting inferior threads together. Naughty! That just goes to show that buying the absolute highest count isn’t necessarily the best. Buying a good brand at around 500-600 thread count will probably get you the most bang for your buck.
  2. Cotton is the most popular fabric. We’ve been sleeping on a cotton jersey (a stretchy knit fabric that feels like a worn-in T-shirt) for years, but we’ve noticed that it tends to stay hot and end up with holes in it. I knew I wanted a smooth, cool cotton woven (not stretchy) for our next set. I found out that the highest quality cotton sheets are made of “certified” fibers that are extra long (like Pima or Egyptian). Not a necessity but you know when you see these words that they’re high quality!
  3. A few important terms: percale, sateen & combed cotton are some of the different types of weaves available. Percale tends to be a slightly looser weave (generally a lower thread count) and are often used for hotel sheets, my friend recommends these for kids or those who tend to overheat in their sleep. Sateen tends to be smoother and more “satin” feeling and resists wrinkles. In general, the type of weave will mostly impact the “hand” (feel of the fabric), so if you like the way it feels, go for it!

Where to Buy Sheets

Just about anywhere! We found our newest high-quality set at Costco; they were cotton sateen, 600 thread count and cost about $100 for a King-sized set. I’m really happy with them and love laying my head down on the super soft, satiny pillowcase.

Some other ideas for good prices on high quality sheets are Home Goods, Nordstrom Rack, discount stores like TJ Maxx or Ross, or any high-end home store during Black Friday or other major sales. Sheets aren’t something you need to buy every year (especially if you invest in nice quality) so it pays to wait for a great deal.

So, are you already a sheet-buying expert or are you excited to step up your game?

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